Audigent Partners with Epsilon Making its People-Based Audiences Available Through Audigent’s PMPs

Audigent -  the leader in curated data and media solutions, and Epsilon, a global advertising and marketing technology company, are partnering to enhance Audigent’s SmartPMP™ offerings with Epsilon’s audience segments across auto, travel, and more.

Now, advertisers can take advantage of more than 3,200 Epsilon audiences inside of Audigent’s data-centric SmartPMP, ContextualPMP™, and CognitivePMP™ products.

The new application with Epsilon's audiences will drive more efficient outcomes for brands and agencies now, and into the cookieless future. Buyers can utilise pseudonymised audiences and apply that to predictive targeting via Audigent’s CognitivePMPs. The combination of publisher first-party data and Epsilon segments opens the door for greater scale, better customer prospecting, and improved optimisation.

“Epsilon’s deep client relationships provide access to powerful new cookieless signals for scalable buying across PMPs and curated marketplaces,” said Drew Stein, CEO of Audigent. “Using their transactional and purchase data to build predictive audiences that can be actioned across CTV, video, and display channels through CognitivePMPs is an exciting new way to action these high performing insights without deterministic data like cookies, MAIDs or IP address.”

Audigent and Epsilon clients can also build custom audiences in Epsilon PeopleCloud, Epsilon’s connected marketing platform, and activate those audiences within Audigent PMPs. 

The addition of Epsilon’s purchase history and transactional data segments will open new targeting opportunities for advertisers utilising Audigent’s PMPs.  

“Advertisers are in need of buying solutions and data signals that will remain in place in a post-cookie world,” said Gillian MacPherson, vice president of products at Epsilon. “Publisher data will not only remain in place—its value will grow. Audigent has found a new way to leverage audiences and utilise data. They have built an industry-best set of data-centric PMP tools derived from rich first-party publisher data. We are excited to see the outcome of layering our data onto theirs. Activating our segments within PMPs built on publisher first-party data gives advertisers more granular targeting without the need for cookies.”

Audigent powers some of the industry’s most sought-after curated marketplaces through its SmartPMPs™(audience data), ContextualPMPs™ (contextual data) and CognitivePMPs™ (cognitive data) products. These innovative data and inventory marketplaces are transforming how global brand advertisers activate and optimise data through the supply chain, while also protecting and maintaining publisher optimisation opportunities. 

 The news first appeared in Street Fight.