Clinch & Sojern Join Forces to Enhance Travellers’ Path to Purchase

Clinch, the leader in dynamic ad serving and personalisation, and creator of Flight Control, the omnichannel campaign activation platform, today (October 11th, 2022) announced a new relationship with Sojern, a leading provider of digital marketing solutions for travel, to bring enhanced workflow automation and omnichannel dynamic creative optimisation (DCO)  capabilities to travel marketers. 

Clinch’s platform Flight Control streamlines the process of building, serving, and measuring complex, data-driven campaigns across all channels, which compliments Sojern’s multichannel travel marketing platform. Travel marketers leveraging Flight Control can now leverage Sojern’s travel insights to enhance creative decisioning and optimisation strategies. Sojern has spent 15 years collecting, aggregating, and analysing literally billions of travel intent signals like hotel and airline booking data from thousands of travel brands around the world. This data rich environment, called the Sojern Traveller Ecosystem, is the foundation of Sojern’s intelligent travel marketing platform that delivers unrivalled traveller insight, multichannel scale, and automated optimisation—all in one place.

“With personal and professional travel back on the rise, it’s an incredibly important time for travel marketers to start evaluating and investing in technologies that support both their current and future needs,” said Charel MacIntosh, head of business development and partnerships at Clinch. “Trends and traveller circumstances are constantly changing on a hyper-local level around the world, therefore the ability to personalise and auto-optimise campaigns to match both environmental and user-based situations is paramount for this sector.” 

“Finding new ways to better serve our clients is truly at the heart of Sojern culture,” said Josh Beckwith, managing director, global strategic accounts and partnerships. “We’re excited to work with Clinch to put powerful tools in the hands of travel marketers to drive real performance.”

To learn more about how Sojern and Clinch work together, contact info@clinch.co


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