LG Ads Solutions Expands EMEA Operations with London Office Opening

Today (October 11th, 2022), LG Ads Solutions announced the official opening of the London office as a part of a broader expansion into the EMEA market. LG brings its proprietary automatic content recognition (ACR) technology for LG TVs to the region, enabling superior targeting and addressability for connected television (CTV) advertisers.

“We believe the time to make a big investment in ad-supported CTV technology for Europe is now. CTV advertising is continuing to grow throughout Europe” said Ed Wale, vice president of Europe. “Today, more than 8-in-10 households in the EU5 have a connected TV, which reflects a 30% increase from 2020. This ubiquitous access combined with an increased preference for ad-supported CTV has led advertisers to shift their investments to this burgeoning medium”. 

According to research from CoLab, 60% of UK marketers plan on increasing their advanced TV ad spend over the next year, while 73% plan on doing so in wider European markets. With over 30 million addressable smart TV households across Europe, there is a great opportunity for LG Ads Solutions to help European advertisers reach their target audiences and European OTT publishers better monetise their inventory. Already, some of our clients have seen impactful results from our activations in-market.

To learn more about CTV campaign optimisation across linear and digital or how to better monetise your inventory, contact info@lgads.tv


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