Tech and Media Titans Negotiate Landmark Content Deals; Reddit CEO Attacks Protestors as Blackout Continues

In today's ExchangeWire news digest: tech giants meet news executives to discuss how content can be used to train AI; Reddit's Steve Huffman condemns moderators protesting the site's planned API changes; and The Guardian bans advertisements for gambling services.

Big Tech in talks with media to train AI systems

Tech giants Google, Microsoft, Adobe, and OpenAI are in talks with media outlets to secure landmark deals over the use of news content to train AI systems. The firms have met news executives from several leading publishers, including News Corp, Axel Springer, The Guardian, and The New York Times, to iron out copyright issues around their AI products. The talks, which are reportedly in early stages, could involve media outlets being paid a regular fee for their content being used to develop the technology behind chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard.

Reddit CEO condemns protestors as blackout continues


The CEO of Reddit, Steve Huffman, has compared moderators boycotting the site over its planned API changes to a “landed gentry”, describing their appointment as undemocratic. Last week, thousands of subreddits were blacked out after moderators responded to Reddit’s controversial API changes, which include new fees for third-party app developers. With no end in sight to the protest, Steve Huffman stated he plans to implement new rules allowing Reddit users to vote out the moderators overseeing the protest. 

The Guardian bans gambling ads

British newspaper The Guardian has announced a global ban on gambling ads, stating its opposition to taking money from services that could cause “addiction and financial ruin”. The ban applies to all of Guardian Media Group’s online and print outlets and to ads for all forms of gambling, including scratchcards, online casinos, and sports betting. Discussing the decision, the CEO of Guardian Media Group, Anne Bateson, said ads for these services could trap gamblers in an “addictive cycle”. Bateson added, “we believe that our primary obligation is to do the right thing for our readers, which is why we’ve decided that there are other ways to generate revenue.”

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