AdPlayer.Pro Online Video Ad Tech Provider Appoints New CEO


AdPlayer.Pro, an international provider of online video advertising technology has announced the appointment of Natalie Romankina as the company’s new chief executive officer.

According to the announcement, with an extensive background in the online video advertising industry and a proven track record of driving transformation, Natalie Romankina, who formerly held a position as the company’s CBDO, is well-equipped to lead AdPlayer.Pro into the next phase of its evolution and growth. 

Natalie Romankina, CEO, AdPlayer.Pro

Namely, as the newly appointed CEO, Natalie Romankina will be responsible for driving the company's overall vision and strategy, enhancing AdPlayer.Pro’s position as a video ad tech market leader, as well as ensuring the highest level of satisfaction among its business partners.

“I’m happy to be a part of the AdPlayer.Pro team for the past 7 years of its business success, and am honoured to take a new role in the company’s management as its CEO," Ms Romankina said. 

"Certainly, my primary focus will be on accelerating innovation within the AdPlayer.Pro video ad tech ecosystem, delivering exceptional value to our business partners, and further solidifying our position as a leader of the global online video advertising industry,” she added.

For more information about AdPlayer.Pro’s out-stream video advertising solutions, please visit https://adplayer.pro/solutions or send us an email at business@adplayer.pro.


AdPlayer.Pro is a global provider of outstream video advertising tech solutions, including ad-enabled video player technology and a robust video ad server with scalable white-label capabilities....
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