Good-Loop Encourages Consumers To Interact With DOOH Ads By Rewarding Them With Free Donations To Charity

Good-Loop – the good media partner that makes it easy and profitable for brands to do good at scale – today (August 1st, 2023) launched a new media format that encourages people to interact with digital out-of-home (DOOH) ads by rewarding them with free donations to charity.

Available across a range of different channels, including CTV and social media, Act To Donate is a new solution that drives higher brand engagement by offering people the chance to raise money for good causes – just by scanning a QR code or clicking on a link.

Good-Loop created the new format to help make ads delivered across DOOH and CTV platforms more interactive, helping brands to drive more consumer engagement at scale. Engagement rates for Act To Donate are 2X higher than the industry standard.  

Every time someone clicks, swipes or scans a QR code across a wide variety of media channels, it raises money for good causes around the world. Consumers and advertisers can also track how much has been raised in real-time and the real-world impact of the donations through a dedicated web page. 

Good-Loop COO Ryan Cochrane said: “As more media spend flows towards CTV and DOOH, in particular, and second screening showing no sign of slowing down – with a whopping 76% and 73% of Gen Z’s and Millennials using their phones while watching TV respectively – Good-Loop's Act to Donate format encourages viewers to look up, and brands to stand up.  

‘By clicking or scanning the Good-Loop Act to Donate QR code on a brand's ad, viewers unlock a free donation to charity – giving them a reason to lean in and take action, and in turn help brands to drive further brand love and engagement from what's often their most expensive line items. With 72% of Gen Z's more likely to buy from brands that contribute to social causes, Act to Donate offers the perfect solution for brands looking to engage these groups in a respectful, impactful and 100% opt-in fashion, while also delivering on the advocacy for social issues that these generations crave from their brands.”

Act To Donate is the latest format from Good-Loop that harnesses the value of consumer attention to make it easy and profitable for brands to do good at scale.

Good-Loop – a Certified B Corps whose ad formats have raised almost £7m for charity – is on a mission to make the connection between brands and consumers more meaningful by delivering respectful ads that are good for business, good for people and good for the planet 

Other formats include: 

  • Watch to Donate format – a format that generates a free donation to charity every time someone watches an ad;
  • Listen To Donate – gives money to good causes every time someone listens to an audio ad;
  • This Ad Does Good – an ad unit which rewards viewers’ attention by funding various initiatives around the world, including tree planting, coral reef restoration and ocean plastic clearing.

To find out more about Good-Loop’s Act to Donate formats, click here