Zefr & Meta Expand AI-Powered Brand Suitability Measurement to the Instagram Feed

Zefr’s third-party brand suitability verification solution for Instagram Feed is now available. This AI-powered measurement solution provides marketers with even more transparency in their Meta campaigns, measuring GARM brand safety and suitability across both Instagram and Facebook Feed placements. 

Additionally, the verification solution will now be available in more global territories, supporting advertisers in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, and Portuguese-speaking countries. Advertisers will have full access to their Instagram Feed measurement via their Atrium dashboard, which provides full transparency across platforms including Meta, TikTok, and YouTube.

Meta recently announced new inventory filters for Facebook and Instagram Feeds that are now rolling out to advertisers in these additional global markets. Both the added inventory filters and expanded third-party brand suitability verification developments underscore Zefr and Meta’s ongoing commitment to critical innovation within the industry, powered by AI technology that deepens advertiser transparency and brand suitability controls.

“Earlier this year we began rolling out our third-party brand suitability verification solution with Zefr for Facebook Feed as a part of the launch of our AI-powered brand suitability controls. We are excited to expand this offering to Instagram Feed, offering businesses another solution to help meet their brand safety and suitability needs. In addition to English and Spanish, our brand suitability verification solution is also being expanded to four additional languages and testing for third-party brand suitability verification for Reels will begin in August. We look forward to sharing more expansion offerings for the brand suitability verification solution in the coming months.” Samantha Stetson, vice president, client council & industry trade relations.

“We’re excited to announce our AI-powered, third-party brand suitability verification for Instagram Feed. This innovation marks another important step forward in the industry, providing brands with transparency into their adjacencies across both Facebook & Instagram Feed. Our continued collaboration with Meta, expanded global coverage, and commitment to transparency mapped to the GARM standards enables more responsible media investment for advertisers worldwide,” said Rich Raddon, co-founder & co-CEO, Zefr.

For more details on Zefr’s brand suitability verification product for Meta, please visit www.zefr.com/atrium, or reach out to measurement@zefr.com.