Industry Review 2024: Making Attention Pay

ExchangeWire’s Industry Review is back, as we look at the top trends for an era-defining year. Next up, can attention come to define an era and help wean the industry off vanity metrics?

The battle for attention has never been fiercer. This is a whole new category for ad tech that increases in importance as we get closer to ‘cookie deprecation day’. The countdown is well and truly on to the moment that could see a sea-change in the digital ad industry.

Attention measures true engagement and has second and third order effects for sustainability, efficiency and improving monetisation for both buyers and sellers. As the industry turns it’s back on cheap reach and unqualified traffic, attention’s importance can only play a more significant role in defining success.

Key Questions

  • How do you effectively capture people’s attention and what technologies are available to quantify it? 
  • What are the applications of attention? Is it for activation? For measurement? 
  • As the industry struggles with a strict definition - what is the real basis for attention and how do we approach it?

Do you have the answers to these questions? Do you have other challenges to pose to your peers? Are you offering an innovative attention solution?

Outline your point of view, illustrate your unique perspective and align your brand with this industry leading annual report. Get involved today, and have your say on an era-defining year.