AdPlayer.Pro Digital Video Ad Tech Provider Rolls Out Ad Server Upgrades


AdPlayer.Pro, an international provider of outstream video advertising technology, has introduced essential upgrades to its video ad serving platform. 

According to the official announcement, some of the major enhancements are primarily aimed at bolstering the available reporting features, as well as the White Label Enterprise capabilities.

Namely, one of the notable improvements is the rollout of reporting API 2.0, which offers greater granularity and precise data segmentation, tailored to different platform account roles. 

In addition, the AdPlayer.Pro White Label Enterprise solution now includes extended customisation options, granting users greater flexibility in configuring settings within their accounts.

As Natalie Romankina, CEO of AdPlayer.Pro, emphasised, this latest video ad server upgrade is designed to empower platform users in maximising the effectiveness of their video ad business, i.e. by enabling even more specific configuration capabilities at every stage of their account and video ad campaign setup.

"AdPlayer.Pro's consistent focus has been to provide our partners with an array of robust tools to transform and customise their ad serving platform to suit their business requirements. And the recent improvements serve this objective exactly right, particularly by enriching its API-enabled capabilities," she affirmed.


AdPlayer.Pro is a global provider of outstream video advertising tech solutions, including ad-enabled video player technology and a robust video ad server with scalable white-label capabilities....
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