SmartyAds Announces the Separation of its White-Label Solutions Department Into a Separate Company Named Teqblaze

SmartyAds today(February 19th, 2023), announces the separation of its white-label solutions department into a separate technology provider brand, Teqblaze. Teqblaze has officially branched out from SmartyAds, launching as an independent technology brand dedicated to pioneering in the programmatic advertising sector. This strategic move marks a new beginning for Teqblaze, empowering it to chart its own course with a clear focus on technological innovation and development. 

The separation of the SmartyAds department into Teqblaze company will not require any actions from the current owners of white-label solutions, except for the re-signing of legal documents in the coming months. This decision also will not:

  • affect the pricing and agreements between the parties;
  • necessitate any alterations to the existing platform's business processes;
  • require renewing certificates of compliance or any other licenses.

Teqblaze white-label ad platforms inherited two full-stack solutions: a comprehensive DSP platform for advertisers, and SSP + Ad Exchange platform for publishers. The new brand will deepen the competitive advantages of these two products without creating new ones. 

“SmartyAds as a company has always been known in the market for its in-house solutions (SSP, DSP, Ad Exchange), and much attention has always been paid to the company's trading business. We, as a white-label solutions team, need a strategy that is fully focused on technologies and products with a strong reliance on the programmatic trading business of our clients. Therefore, our goal at Teqblaze is to focus on technologies and products concerning the needs of the market and our customers without regard to the strategy of SmartyAds' in-house business,” Anastasia-Nikita Bansal, director of enterprise solutions at SmartyAds.

The launch of the brand will coincide with technological updates of the platforms, meeting the challenges of the advertising industry ahead of the curve. Upcoming updates will focus on expanding the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in the platforms' core.


Teqblaze specialises in delivering white-label advertising platforms to companies that want to run independent programmatic businesses. DSP platform for buying advertising space and earning money by providing trading access to other companies; and SS...
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