• Now & Next: Fake News

    Fake news is a hot topic across the globe. The concept of fake news is particularly pertinent and discussions focus on genuinely falsified news and genuine news that is claimed to be fake for personal or company gains. This issue of ExchangeWire’s Now & Next looks at the problems fake news is creating for media professionals, and what (if anything) needs to be done to address them. The prevalence of fake news Fake news is affecting a large proportion [...]

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  • CtrlShift Rebuke Market Players Who Oversell, Tout Own Integrated 'Hub'

    Adtech players who claim to have silver bullets should be prepared to demonstrate their products are original and able to function as claimed.

    Rene Menezes, who is co-founder and sits on the board of directors at CtrlShift, says that, while many of these tools can get the job done, their capabilities are overstated and do not match up to how they are pitched. In a LinkedIn post last month, Menezes says as much: “I call bullshit on several players in [...]

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  • Follow the Market: Why Mobile’s Future is on the Demand Side

    There was a time, not too long ago, when venture capital flowed freely into the ad tech space and vendors didn’t have to work too hard to demonstrate a unique value proposition. At the time, investors looked at both the supply side and the demand side as almost interchangeable opportunities to find growth in ad tech; especially if the players involved could make a credible case that their technology had something to offer in the fast-growing mobile arena. In this [...]

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  • MobFox Establish Data Points in APAC; GroupM Acquire MediaCom India

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sum up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: MobFox establish data points in APAC; GroupM acquire MediaCom India; Light Reaction go to Hong Kong; Postr eye APAC expansion; Dentsu bring Amplifi to New Zealand; and new hires at WPP agencies.

    MobFox establish data points in APAC

    Matomy have set up new servers in Asia for MobFox, creating data endpoints in the region to support their expansion plans.

    The [...]

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  • BVDW kritisiert E-Privacy-Verordnung der EU; TabMo und adsquare kooperieren

    ExchangeWire bündelt die wichtigsten Nachrichten aus der Region DACH mit Schlaglicht-Interviews aus der deutschsprachigen Programmatic-Szene. Diese Woche: BVDW kritisiert EU Kommissions E-Privacy-Verordnung; Kooperation zwischen adsquare und TabMo; Orbyd wächst; taz wählt Yieldlove als Onlinevermarkter; und Fünf Fragen an Alexander Erlmeier, MD Central Europe, Outbrain.

    BVDW kritisiert E-Privacy-Verordnung der EU

    Am Dienstag brachte die EU einen neuen Entwurf einer zukünftigen E-Privacy-Verordnung heraus. Bei dem deutschen Branchenverband BVDW stoßen die neuen Regularien auf wenig Begeisterung. Der Entwurf gehe zu weit und „torpediere die digitale Gesellschaft”, so der [...]

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  • Ve Interactive Launch New Programmatic Video Solution, Following Optomaton Purchase

    Today (9 December) ExchangeWire exclusively announce the launch of a new programmatic video solution from Ve Interactive to deliver seamless brand experiences and drive performance for its 10,000 clients globally.

    In September 2016 Ve Interactive, the UK-based conversion and digital advertising company, with offices in 36 countries, announced the acquisition of Optomaton, an independent DSP, specialising in video, for €5.13m (£4.02m).

    Adding a video DSP to Ve Interactive’s existing technology stack will allow the technology platform to programmatically [...]

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  • Tencent: China Ad Tech Still Evolving

    China’s ad tech market is growing fast but still needs time to figure things out, as do foreign brands that are looking to target Chinese consumers.

    Marketers worldwide shared a common concern about not wanting to be overzealous with pushing ads to consumers, while still providing good user experience, said Benny Ho, Tencent’s senior director of business development, who leads the company’s international business, specifically Asia and US. He pointed to their desire to strike this delicate balance so as to [...]

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  • Mobile Programmatic Growing but APAC Ecosystem Still Falls Short

    Mobile programmatic adoption appears to be growing in Asia-Pacific; but the region is still struggling to cope with an infrastructure that is fundamentally different from other media and that requires different capabilities and skillsets.

    In an interview with ExchangeWire, Jayesh Easwaramony, InMobi’s Asia-Pacific vice president and general manager, noted that advertisers turned to mobile ads to build brand awareness or drive performance outcomes, such as app installs, lead generation, and website traffic. In fact, performance-based advertising, especially app installs, account for [...]

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  • AT&T Buys Time Warner; Criteo Launch Predictive Search

    ExchangeWire round up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: AT&T acquire Time Warner; Predictive search by Criteo; Support for DigiTrust; MediaMath integrat with AdX; DAX Listener ID; Vertical video by Teads; Visual IQ buys Refined Labs; and Neustar focuses on European expansion.

    AT&T buy Time Warner for USD$85bn

    Massive take-over in the media sector: telecommunications provider AT&T buy Time Warner, securing content that includes the the famous Hollywood studio, as well as news station [...]

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  • China Needs DSPs That Are Independent of Publishers

    There is much confusion muddling China’s ad tech market and shaking marketers’ confidence in programmatic, which can only be resolved with transparency and clarity about the benefits that a robust system can bring to the local industry.

    Speaking to ExchangeWire in a phone interview, iPinYou’s co-founder and CEO Grace Huang revealed that some market players were taking advantage of misconceptions and positioning themselves as DSPs or DMPs, but lacked the ability to deliver in terms of performance.

    “That’s destroying the market, [...]

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