RAAS LAB Bolsters AI-Led Contextual & Creative Optimisation Capabilities with CTO & Chief Architect Appointments

RAAS LAB, the platform that delivers hyper-relevant targeting and creative for stronger cookieless advertising, today (February 20th, 2024) announces two key appointments, Paul Blackledge as chief technology officer (CTO) and Clay Lenhart as chief architect. 

With these hires, RAAS LAB will further cement its position as a market leader in Al-led advertising as it builds up to launch The Snippet, an extension of the platform which will offer the world’s first technology to analyse and optimise contextual and creative data at scale within an advertiser’s DSP or media partner of choice. 

Both veterans of digital marketing agency, Jellyfish, Paul and Clay have extensively collaborated together in spearheading success in advertising and marketing technologies. Paul pioneered e-commerce and marketing solutions in the early 2000s, before becoming a senior leader at Latitude Group, where he was responsible for propelling major B2B product initiatives. Following Latitude’s acquisition by Jellyfish, Paul continued to drive major product development contracts and played a key role in growth.

Clay has over twenty years of experience in delivering solutions for highly-relevant, high-volume advertising. This includes harnessing data-driven strategies to effectively connect advertisers with their target audiences and without the use of third-party signals. While technical architect at Latitude, Clay steered the trajectory of software systems. Clay also established his own consultancy, Lenhart Solutions, which he has led for over a decade and which specialises in offering bespoke advertising technology solutions.

With a long-standing and award-winning professional relationship, including with RAAS LAB’s founders and fellow Jellyfish alumni, Thomas Ives and Stephanie Hallam, Paul and Clay will add significant technical expertise to the team and pave the way for future success. Paul will direct product development, enriching customer value and ensuring seamless delivery processes, while Clay will oversee technology architecture, ensuring that the gap between advertisers and their customers is bridged with meaningful engagements conducive to lasting relationships.

Paul Blackledge, CTO, RAAS LAB

Together, they will collaborate in launching RAAS LAB’s new tool, The Snippet. Harnessing AI and natural language processing (NLP), The Snippet is the first technology globally that’s capable of analysing at unprecedented scale webpages to produce millions of variations of the same advert, and uniquely determine which ad iteration will best drive outcomes. Integrating directly within the client’s existing technology stack, The Snippet will utilise contextual intelligence to provide unmatched performance, producing three times the engagement as a competitor solution, while also reducing wastage. 

The Snippet will significantly enhance RAAS LAB’s capabilities and promises to set a new standard for responsive, sustainable and effective digital advertising.

Paul Blackledge, commented on his appointment: “Given my previous experience with Tom, Steph, and Clay, combined with RAAS LAB’s unrelenting ambition to lead the market, joining the business at this critical juncture was a compelling decision. Tom and Steph have crafted a crystal clear product value proposition and I am eager to help propel their vision into reality. Especially at a time when the industry is crying out for such an offering.”

Clay Lenhart, Chief Architect, RAAS LAB

Clay Lenhart, added: “RAAS LAB’s exceptional team and their unmatched expertise have the potential to revolutionise the industry. There’s a palpable sense of excitement and innovation permeating the company as it enhances its core product and implements news features to address the challenges facing the industry. I am proud to be an integral part of this transformative journey.”

Thomas Ives, director and founder of RAAS LAB, adds: “RAAS LAB has significantly bolstered its strength with the addition of Paul and Clay. Knowing them professionally at Jellyfish, their combined expertise in software development and execution will be a significant advantage to RAAS LAB as we scale up our offering - in particular, launching The Snippet: RAAS LAB’s answer to a market that is increasingly demanding more tailored and responsive solutions.” 


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