LoopMe Announces the Launch of its AI Academy


LoopMe, a leading technology company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve brand advertising performance, today (April 30th, 2024) announced the launch of its AI Academy. The Academy aims to develop understanding of AI in media, offering the opportunity to earn accreditations in various modules.

LoopMe’s clients and agency partners will be guided through the process, starting with a live training session before accessing learning resources, completing a quiz, and claiming their accreditation which can be added to their LinkedIn profiles.

With 12 years’ heritage in AI as well as multiple patents granted and pending, LoopMe is at the forefront of applying AI to advertising. As the first to apply AI to brand advertising solutions, LoopMe has long been at the cutting edge of bringing the power of this technology to solve industry challenges. The AI Academy builds on LoopMe’s commitment to making AI accessible to all through education and provides an opportunity to share its expertise with the wider industry.

“AI is an integral part of the media industry and this focus is only going to increase in the coming years. Anyone who doesn’t know how to integrate AI into their media planning and operating systems, will quickly be left behind,” said Leonard Newnham, chief data scientist at LoopMe. “The LoopMe AI Academy is our way of ensuring that everyone has access to the quality education required to level the playing field and ensure the successful future of the media industry.”


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