Fusing Creativity, Insight and Innovation: The Wires 2024 

Back for its eighth year, The Wires 2024 will celebrate the very best of the digital marketing industry. What are the judges looking forward to and what type of entries are sure to impress them?  

The Wires celebrates the best of the ad tech industry, from the most impressive use of digital media to the renowned Ad Tech Personality of the Year. As we see top industry players push the boundaries of technology, creativity and innovation, we’re pleased to introduce several new categories to this year’s competition: 

  • Best Social Campaign
  • Best Commerce Media Campaign
  • Best Social/Live Commerce Campaign
  • Best Use of Measurement
  • Best Use of AI
  • Best Use of Immersive Technology
  • Best Multichannel Strategy
  • Best Partnership

A full list of the categories can be found here. The Standard entry deadline ends on 19th July, so there’s plenty of time to enter (prices will increase after this). 

Looking ahead to Q4, we explore what the judges are most looking forward to about judging this year’s candidates, and what they consider to be an award winning entry. 

What do the judges think?  

We come together to recognise the catalyst that technology and innovation are for the effectiveness and fantastic results of the marketing campaigns. As a judge, I am looking for entries that demonstrate the impact that was made within the sector and on the clients, backed up with data. The greatest thing about The Wires Awards is that we come together to celebrate the evolution of the industry, get inspired by the brilliant work of our peers and celebrate the very best of the past year. Judging alongside fantastic media professionals is always a privilege. I am glad and grateful to be part of it.

Teodora Tepavicharova, Senior Strategy Manager, Condé Nast

It is an honour to be chosen as a judge for The Wires this year. I am looking forward to reading through all of the submissions and finding those that are innovative and have an impact on the space. The industry has had a lot of headwinds this year, but also so many great successes and it is great to play a part in celebrating them.

Amanda Gomez, Senior Vice President Revenue Operations & Ad Technology, NY Post

Being a judge at the The Wires Awards is both an honour and a thrilling challenge. I am looking forward to discovering innovative campaigns and products that push the boundaries of creativity and technology and also effectively resonate with their audiences. For me, a winning entry is one that blends originality with impactful results, setting new benchmarks in the industry. As a judge, this role allows me to contribute to shaping the future of marketing and advertising by recognising and celebrating excellence. It's a privilege to be a judge in Singapore, highlighting our local talent and insights on such an esteemed platform.

Matthias Weiskopf, Market Manager North Asia, McLaren Automotive

I'm thrilled to join my fellow judges and be inspired by the best our industry has to offer; innovative thinking, comprehensive business understanding and cutting-edge tech solutions to deliver exceptional results. The foundation of a strong campaign lies in being led by data and insights. It must address a business challenge, embrace cultural trends whilst driving exceptional results and lasting impact. Thinking outside of the box and being a trailblazer is always good. There are numerous ways to achieve this – by employing novel approaches to storytelling, captivating your audience, leveraging emerging technologies, to name a few. Campaigns that transcend merely referencing business values and actively contribute to social good are particularly important to me. Equally crucial is the collaborative aspect of every successful campaign: how teams leverage each other’s expertise to create something truly meaningful.

Kata Kekesi, Digital Media Lead, KINESSO

As a Judge for the ExchangeWire Wires Awards, I eagerly anticipate immersing myself in the latest innovations and groundbreaking strategies within the advertising and marketing industry. Being at the forefront of evaluating campaigns and products means delving into the creative and strategic minds behind them, uncovering what truly sets them apart and drives success. For me, a winning campaign or product transcends mere effectiveness; it embodies a perfect fusion of creativity, data-driven insights, and a deep understanding of audience dynamics. It's about those rare gems that not only achieve their objectives but also leave a lasting impact, shaping the future of our industry. Being entrusted with the responsibility of a Wires judge is an honour, representing a commitment to upholding excellence and innovation in an ever-evolving landscape. It's about recognising and celebrating the ingenuity and dedication that fuels our industry's progress, and I am thrilled to be a part of that journey.

Cemil Toksöz, Global Director of Adtech & Activation IT & Digital, Reckitt

I’m thrilled to be joining the judging panel for this year’s Wires awards. I’m looking out for solutions with impact. Where media, tech and advertising brands have asked meaningful questions to develop effective solutions for growth, using data and creativity to drive results.

Luci Dalgety, Global Digital Sponsorship Lead, euronews

I am eager to embrace the role of a judge for its unique opportunity to witness firsthand the creativity and innovation that define the leading edge of marketing and product development today. Being a Wires judge symbolises a commitment to recognising and promoting excellence in our field, a task I approach with both humility and enthusiasm. For a campaign or product to stand out as a winner, it must not only exhibit a high level of creativity and innovation but also demonstrate measurable impact and effectiveness. It should move the dial significantly in terms of consumer engagement, market disruption, or revenue generation, setting a new benchmark for what is achievable. To me, being a Wires judge means having the privilege to support and reward the efforts of those who push boundaries and set new standards, inspiring the whole industry to strive for greater heights. 

Darragh Barker, Head of Strategy, EPIC Global 

I'm really excited to be a judge on this year's panel as a great opportunity to see up close how our peers are driving our industry forward with new approaches, and celebrating the innovation and creativity displayed by all of the entrants. We are in a constantly evolving space that is always throwing up new challenges, so what I'll be looking for in a winning product / campaign is an approach that tackles potential obstacles (whether that be addressability, measurement, audience etc.) in a unique way and delivers outstanding performance.

Peter MacCormack, Senior Revenue Analyst Web, LADBible

I’m really pleased to judge The Wires this year, it’s incredibly inspiring to see the amount of great work that is being done across the whole digital ecosystem by agencies, clients, publishers and tech companies. Awards are a great way of encouraging and rewarding innovation and bravery, which is critical when our industry is undergoing so much change. This year, I’m particularly excited to see submissions for the new categories, including Measurement, Multichannel and AI.

Katie Coteman, GVP Ad Sales Strategy and Growth UK&I, Warner Bros. Discovery

Our industry is dynamic and ever-evolving, constantly presenting new challenges for brands to overcome. With entries spanning diverse categories, I am particularly excited to witness the innovative and creative solutions put forth to tackle these challenges. I anticipate learning how emerging trends, insights, and technologies are leveraged to develop more effective and efficient approaches. This opportunity not only allows us to celebrate outstanding work but also offers insights into the vast possibilities within various digital media channels and the utilisation of data and AI. It's a privilege to be part of this event, where we can recognise excellence and glean inspiration for the future of our industry.

Yannick Ferrero, SVP Digital/AVOD Distribution, Hasbro Entertainment