• 5 Things to Know About GDPR

    It’s now less than a year until new data protection rules will be introduced in Europe. Known as the GDPR, the effects of the wide-reaching privacy protection regulation still seem to be shrouded in mist for the members of the ad tech and martech industry on both sides of the Atlantic. In this piece, Julia Shullman (pictured below), senior director, deputy general counsel of commercial and privacy, AppNexus, summarises five steps to be taken by companies to get ready for GDPR.

    The General [...]

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  • Buyers & Sellers Deserve Complete Visibility: Q&A with Chris Rooke, Nativo

    Transparency issues are always a top concern in the advertising industry, and rightly so with some of the methods being used. As Chris Rooke (pictured below), SVP strategy and operations, Nativo, explains, there are quite a few practices in play today that need to be addressed, but follow-through will be key to addressing these transparency concerns to give buyers and sellers the visibility they deserve going forward.

    ExchangeWire: How is transparency (or lack thereof) affecting the health of the [...]

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  • A New Beginning for Brazilian Digital Advertising

    Digital’s credibility has been put in doubt in recent months, mostly because of a domino effect that has driven advertisers around the world to review their advertising investments across platforms and publishers. This also applies to the Brazilian digital market, one of the fastest-growing in the world, achieving 26% year-on-year growth in 2016. Given the potential continued growth that exists in this market, it’s time to take a step back. Originally published on [...]

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  • Can Programmatic Actually Be Transparent? Three Cornerstones of an Accountable Sell-Side Ad Tech Provider

    The digital content industry has taken its head out of the sand when it comes to the transparency issues in programmatic. Upheavals in the industry have once again kicked up this perennial hot button issue. But, as the buzzwords are bandied about, what’s often missing is clarity on what transparency actually means in programmatic ad trading. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Rene Plug, chief strategy officer, Improve Digital asks: “What do you look for in transparent partners and how can you use [...]

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  • APAC Agencies Must Be More Than Just Media Buyers

    Instead of simply buying media for marketers, agencies must offer guidance on whether their clients are ready to adopt programmatic and, if not, provide help on how to do so.

    This should include data strategy and operations setup, says Vincent Niou, Essence’s Asia-Pacific senior programmatic and partnerships director, who warns that agencies that fail to offer these services will provide opportunities for consulting firms to jump in.

    In this Q&A with ExchangeWire, Niou further explains how agencies can facilitate the development of [...]

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  • Time to Turn on the Lights: Ad Tech’s Need for Radical Transparency

    If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. This concept is pretty basal when it comes to organisational strategy. Unfortunately, when you apply this logic to the digital media supply chain, it becomes clear the entire system has become virtually unmanageable, writes Michael Barrett, president and CEO, Rubicon Project, exclusively for ExchangeWire.

    We see this in the growing frustration among marketers and advertisers. We see it in the public call for digital publishers to be more accountable for the [...]

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  • 'Transparency for a Fair Price' – Q&A with Diana Loriot, Sociomantic Labs, On the Trends in Data-Driven Marketing

    Diana Loriot is global head of service at Sociomantic Labs and leads the client services teams. ExchangeWire speak to her about global trends in digital marketing, the challenges of transitioning into new cultures, and the deplorable lack of women in ad tech.

    ExchangeWire: What are the big global trends that will impact data-driven marketing in the next three years?

    Diana Loriot: The future of data-driven marketing is personalisation, as advertisers are eager to understand their customers and potential customers inside-out in order to influence their [...]

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  • Advertisers Set the Tone; If They Don't Care, Nobody Will: Q&A with Marc Goldberg, CEO, Trust Metrics

    In the plexus of traffic quality, brand safety, ad fraud, fake news, and transparency, the more the industry fuels the conversation, the more it seems it’s creating a rod for its own back. ExchangeWire speak with Marc Goldberg (pictured below), CEO, Trust Metrics, about where advertiser responsibility sits amongst all of the noise, where he explains that we mustn’t give up, but we must collectively improve best practices.

    ExchangeWire: Are Google and Facebook doing enough to fix the [...]

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  • Bringing Transparency & Trust Back to Advertising: Q&A with Andrew Susman, Empower

    Transparency and trust are two of the biggest problems plaguing the online advertising industry today. Andrew Susman (pictured below), vice president, New York, Empower, talks about how a newly formed consortium of advertising professionals has been formed to tackle these issues head on.

    ExchangeWire: The Advertising Transparency & Trust Forum has recently been formed and met quietly in March at the UN, meeting again the beginning of June. Why was this forum established and what are the goals you are [...]

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  • The Obvious Lack of Transparency in Ad Tech

    The lack of transparency in the world of advertising had been a hot topic for ages; and the world of programmatic has only led to the exacerbation of this issue. George Levin (pictured below), CEO & Co-founder, GetIntent, talks about the various relationships behind the complexity and how a reduction of middle men in the process needs to be addressed.

    Programmatic is often too complicated and, more times than not, has way too many parties involved. With a clear [...]

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