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Game On: The Power of In-Game Advertising for Brands and App Developers

Mobile gaming has become a major source of entertainment for millions of people worldwide, and brands are beginning to recognise the benefits of in-game advertising. But how exactly does it compare to traditional advertising, and what unique advantages does it offer? How can in-game advertising tap into people's ever-elusive attention? How is programmatic being integrated into the gaming sphere, and what does measurement currently look like? What are the challenges that are preventing advertisers from exploring in-game formats? How do advertisers reach gamers without intruding on their experience?


Mat Broughton – ExchangeWire (moderator)

Tom Wigley – Spark Foundry

Natasha Whitfield-Niven – Bidstack

Jamie Lyons – PHD UK

Ben Finnegan – EPIC Global

Mark Slade – Digital Turbine