• ATS London 2021: Reframing The Future Of Our Industry

    Google said its long goodbye to third-party ad tech last week. In a typically ambiguous post, the company explained to the world that it would no longer use cross-site identifiers in its browser or across its ad tech stack. All [...]

  • 9 Wild Predictions for MadTech & More

    It is this time of year when we traditionally head to the BFI Southbank for ATS London; a day-long feast of madtech content. Most then hop on a plane the next day to Cologne for a 48-hour bonanza of networking [...]

  • ATS London 2019: The Review

    2019 marked a decade since the inaugural ATS London event, and the tenth anniversary edition of the conference certainly did not disappoint. A host of experts, ranging from ad tech aficionados to global publishers, addressed the focal challenges of the [...]

  • Fostering Diversity in an Inherently Undiverse Industry

    The 10th year of ATS London will take place on 9th September and, as is the case every year, it’s been an exciting, yet challenging time crafting our agenda and finding experts to join us on stage. The biggest challenge: [...]

  • 10 Wild Predictions for Europe's Big Ad Tech Week

    We are just three weeks away from Europe’s ad tech week. Our ten-year anniversary of ATS London kicks off the week on 9 September. As ever, we have a serious selection of big name Madtech speakers, including Sir Martin Sorrell, Insider [...]

  • Digital Identity, Blockchain & OTT: A Preview of ATS London

    As we approach the 10th anniversary of ATS London, ExchangeWire hosted a preview of what will be discussed and debated on the day. Paul Gubbins (pictured below), global programmatic strategy lead at Unruly, covers the hot topics at the preview, [...]

  • In This Privacy-First Era, Ad Tech Needs to Evolve or Die

    The industry is literally being held together with a thin layer of ad tech adhesive tape, namely the Chrome browser. Much of the current programmatic demand is being funnelled into Google Chrome – where cookie matching, frequency capping, retargeting and [...]

  • Your Guide to Scaling Your European Madtech Business

    We sent out a mailer a few weeks ago to our GDPR-compliant subscriber list, titled ‘9 Reasons to Love the Industry. This was to highlight our optimism about the industry and encourage you (dear reader) to attend ATS London this [...]

  • The Madtech Rollercoaster of 2018: 9 Predictions for the Rest of the Year

    2018 has been the most eventful year I have seen in this industry, since the great ad-tech panic buy of 2007. A number of factors have contributed to this. Firstly, the growing threat and power of the ‘BAT-FANG’ (China’s Baidu, [...]

  • Why the Outcome-Based Model Is the Only Logical Route for Agencies

    Holding groups are under pressure. Their business model has been questioned and undermined by everyone over the past 12 months – from trade-press hacks, to auditors, to client bodies, to grandstanding FMCG CMOs. The relevancy of the agency function has [...]