• Starcom’s Roxanna Larizadeh on Commerce Media Strategies

    In the final exclusive voxpop in the ExchangeWire RetailMediaHub, in association with PubMatic, Roxanna Larizadeh, commerce lead, Starcom, discusses commerce media strategies, and how these differ according to retailer type and verticals. In this session, Larizadeh details: Retail media campaigns and differences [...]

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  • Commerce Media: The Next Phase

    As 2022 fades into the great rearview mirror of history, the gaze of the media industry is set on the horizon towards future opportunities. One of the most commonly discussed channels promising to drive the industry towards this opportunity is [...]

  • 2023 Retail Media Campaigns - Kiessé Lamour, Wunderman Thompson Commerce

    In the fifth exclusive voxpop in the ExchangeWire RetailMediaHub, in association with PubMatic, Kiessé Lamour, global head of media at Wunderman Thompson Commerce, outlines how both retailers and marketers can maximise the value of their commerce media campaigns through 2023 [...]

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  • IAB Europe's Daniel Knapp on Future Conversations in Commerce Media

    In the fourth exclusive VoxPop in the ExchangeWire RetailMediaHub, in association with PubMatic, Daniel Knapp, chief economist at IAB Europe, details how commerce media is set to evolve, and what will define conversations in the sector over the coming years. In [...]

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  • Commerce Media: Connecting Sellers and Buyers

    Enthusiasm around retail and commerce media continues to abound as we enter 2023, with both retailers and media buyers keen to explore how they can capitalise on the channel. However, as with other advertising categories, it is important to examine [...]

  • Essence's Petros Salimbas on Agency-Advertiser Relationships in Retail Media

    In the third exclusive voxpop in the ExchangeWire RetailMediaHub, in association with PubMatic, Petros Salimbas, client director at Essence, details how the emerging medium is set to drive an evolution in the relationships between advertisers and their agencies. In this session, [...]

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  • Consumer-Retailer Relationships Reimagined

    In the fourth article in the ExchangeWire RetailMediaHub, we explore how retail media is reshaping the relationship between retailers and their customers, the opportunity within the medium for retailers, and how technology can be used to help realise this potential. Opportunities [...]

  • Harnessing the Power of Retail Media

    In a world without cookies, yet a growing need for personalised advertising, how can retailers and retail brands alike harness retail audiences? Retail media has been growing for over a decade, and its potential is finally being recognised across the globe, [...]

  • Retail Media Around the Globe

    Retail media is a highly exciting and rapidly-growing global phenomenon. However, while it has been embraced by retailers, platforms, and marketers on a worldwide basis, there are sharp contrasts and clear similarities in how retail media is evolving on both [...]

  • Boots’ Ollie Shayer on Retailer Opportunities & Challenges in Retail Media

    In the second exclusive VoxPop as part of the ExchangeWire RetailMediaHub, in association with PubMatic, Ollie Shayer, director omnichannel media and planning at Boots UK and ROI outlines key retailer opportunities and challenges in retail media. During this session, Shayer details: - [...]

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