Verve Group Takes Over AppMonet’s SDK Header Bidding Business

Verve Group, a global brand performance ad platform, today announced the takeover of AppMonet’s SDK header bidding business. AppMonet is a programmatic advertising platform for brands and apps that is transforming its business model to focus on its mobile demand-side offerings, where it sees tremendous growth. Due to a rich history with PubNative, now part of Verve Group, AppMonet saw this takeover as a way to partner with a strong engineering team led by Verve Group’s chief product officer, Ionut Ciobotaru, and provide its publisher base with greater opportunities to improve their advertising revenue streams.

The two businesses and their engineering teams are already working on a transition plan to ensure all AppMonet publishers have a smooth migration to Verve Group’s HyBid SDK and its advertising platform. Verve Group’s open-source HyBid SDK includes all of the same functionalities as the AppMonet SDK including header bidding, waterfall, and VAST client-side mediation. In addition, AppMonet publishers will benefit from added features in Verve Group’s HyBid SDK, such as the IAB Tech Lab’s Open Measurement certification and creative scanning from GeoEdge.

“In today’s digital advertising ecosystem, you need real scale to build out a true SDK-first business and Verve Group provides just that,” said Bill Harding, chief revenue officer at AppMonet. “The AppMonet team and I are excited about the partnership during this transition phase and we look to forward to helping Verve Group scale publishers through their HyBid SDK and platform offerings.”

“It’s been an exciting year for all of us at Verve Group as we continue to expand our portfolio through M&A, various supply-side and demand-side integrations, and organic growth,” said Sameer Sondhi, chief revenue officer at Verve Group. “We are confident that AppMonet publishers will benefit from the migration to Verve Group’s HyBid SDK and platform, due to the success we’ve seen with our other direct publisher partners.”