Cavai and Xaxis Partner to Deliver Interactive, Conversational Ads at Scale Via Xaxis Creative Studios

Cavai, the leading conversational advertising cloud, today announces a partnership with Xaxis, GroupM’s Outcome Media Company.

This partnership enables Xaxis to leverage Cavai’s conversational advertising cloud technology to execute interactive, conversational creative strategies that provide a more personalised experience for each customer. This type of interactive content is helping Xaxis increase customer engagement for its clients while also deriving actionable customer insights through those interactions.

Built with a privacy-first approach, Cavai’s technology does not drop or collect cookies, nor does it rely on cookies to be delivered. It gathers data through genuine, two-way interactions with consumers. That direct, first-party data then becomes a valuable asset that can be analysed and utilised to generate deeper insights, leading to progressive optimisations in campaign performance.

Cavai has seen significant growth in recent months and years, having built the world’s leading global conversational advertising cloud. The company works closely with brands, publishers, and agencies to enable conversational experiences that boost audience engagement. Cavai clients are already experiencing massively increased ROI thanks to its highly engaging ad formats.

Cavai will work closely with Xaxis’ newly launched creative hub, Xaxis Creative Studios (XCS). XCS works with clients across North America, Latin America, APAC, and EMEA to make sure their creative assets are reaching their fullest programmatic potential. Its main directive is to bridge the gap between creative content and automated, data-driven, multi-channel execution.

Xaxis global CEO Nicolas Bidon has been outspoken about the company’s commitment to that mission, which aligns with the vision of WPP CEO Mark Read. They both recognise the importance of focusing on creative when it comes to leveraging new digital formats and have warned that no matter how efficient or accurate the media execution may be, great creative content is still critical to campaign success.

Both Cavai and Xaxis believe that strong creative strategies can be further elevated by leveraging data and artificial intelligence – and vice versa. Coupled with Xaxis’ proprietary AI technology, Copilot, Cavai’s technology enables Xaxis clients to deliver interactive, data-driven media executions that are not only creatively effective, but also intelligently optimised to improve brand outcomes and ROI.

Steffen Svartberg, founder and CEO of Cavai, explains: “Xaxis appreciates that, while data is key in today’s marketing landscape, creativity is critical, too. This will be even more so the case as we move into an advertising world without cookies and with a reliance on trusted, first-party data and relationships. The foundations of marketing success rely on data and creativity being used together and this is why conversational approaches have been proven to yield such phenomenal results – with ROI frequently multiplied by a factor of ten.”

“Today’s always-on consumers demand convenient access to information when it comes to buying products and services. Meanwhile, conversational formats offer marketers a flexible mix of creative storytelling and data-driven conversational applications at scale,” Svartberg says.

Julia Rast, global solutions and innovation manager at Xaxis, says: “Through this partnership, we foster 1:1 experiences that are highly engaging, efficient, and insightful. We see this as a great opportunity to be smart about our digital media tactics, engaging people by asking questions, and circumventing the limits of cookies. Conversational technology allows us to capture true intent and infuse it into omnichannel media strategies, making the entire digital media activation more valuable and impactful for our clients.”

Andres Alfonso, Xaxis creative studios leader, adds: “Having an expert partner for conversational creative formats has been a crucial factor in the success of XCS. Including Cavai in our tech stack has let us design, produce, test, and launch creative executions with complex decision logic and multiple variables for languages and interaction – all in only a few days. The usability of the modular UI ad builder is a huge help for our designers in overcoming the complexity that can come with these formats.”