Novatiq Announces Supership Holdings Partnership to Scale its Privacy-First Identity Solution Across JAPAC

Novatiq, the only privacy-first identity solution to leverage first-party network operator intelligence, has today announced a significant commercial partnership with Supership Holdings. Supership is Japan’s leader in data-driven digital advertising.

The deal will see the UK start-up and the Japanese digital media powerhouse create a multi-million-pound, multi-country, multi-year deal to develop a fully privacy-compliant advertising platform. The patented technology developed by Novatiq uses network customer intelligence for user verification to overcome the current challenges faced by the advertising industry as a result of the phasing out of third-party cookies and other current identification signals.

The integration of the in-network Novatiq Fusion platform with the Supership AdGeneration solution creates an end-to-end ecosystem for people-based identity and audience activation. It uses protected first party data to deliver a much-improved customer experience and promote the ethos of advertising as a service.

A combination of the Novatiq dynamic Hyper ID to verify a user and associate a deterministic audience to it, and the Supership capability to optimise publisher inventory, ensures that advertisers can deliver the right campaign to the right people at the right time.

Launching initially in Japan, the alliance establishes Supership as a preferred partner in the APAC region with projected roll-out of the Novatiq platform across multiple countries starting this year.

Commenting on the partnership, Jonathan Hulford-Funnell, Chief Executive Officer of Novatiq, said:

“Supership is a leader in Japan’s digital advertising market which makes them the perfect partner as we move forward with our expansion into Asia. Adopting a privacy-first ethos to digital advertising is critical for the entire advertising ecosystem and this is an approach we have been pioneering at Novatiq since day one. With our patented Fusion platform and their local market distribution, we will be able to take a leadership position throughout the APAC region and deliver our vision of advertising as a service.”

Shingo Inaba, Representative Director and President of Supership Holdings, continued:

“By leveraging Novatiq's technology, Supership will be able to develop a platform that enables cookie-independent targeting. By doing so, we will establish a next-generation ecosystem in the Japanese digital advertising market, while protecting the data privacy required in this day and age.”

Supership operates a full advertising tech stack, including Demand Side Platform (DSP), Data Management Platform (DMP) and Supply Side Platform (SSP). This partnership will bring Novatiq’s patented Fusion platform to its publisher and advertiser clients.

The Fusion platform includes delivery of the Hyper ID, a transactional, anonymous, and unique ID that is generated in real-time using consented, deterministic first party data. This enables publishers and advertisers to place the right ad in front of the right audience, by matching users with consented first-party audience groups, without any personal data ever entering the ad tech ecosystem.


Novatiq is the world’s first telco-verified digital identity platform, delivering the next generation in advertising relevancy for the digital advertising industry, engineered private. Its patented Fusion platform provides consented first-party aud...
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