KERV Integrates with IRIS.TV


KERV Interactive, the leader in AI-driven, in-video-recognition-powered metadata, is integrating with the IRIS.TV video data platform to enable marketers to use its precise in-video contextual data solutions, called KERV Vision, to target relevant, brand-safe video inventory across thousands of IRIS-enabled premium publishers and billions of monthly video impressions worldwide.

KERV is a patented and trusted interactive video technology that partners with brands to transform their video assets into fully interactive storefronts using patented, pixel‑level-recognition technology to enhance usefulness and commerce opportunities across the video ecosystem. KERV’s AI-driven engine not only fuels real-time interactivity and shoppability, but also provides an unmatched, in-video metadata set that can empower unique targeting and other contextual data opportunities.

KERV Vision enables precise, transparent, and effective logo, facial, location, sentiment, and product segmentation solutions for video, across all screens. With this partnership, KERV’s leadership position in machine-driven, in-video context will now be applied to online video and CTV inventory through IRIS.TV’s video data platform.

IRIS.TV simplifies the complexity and fragmentation of the video ecosystem across CTV and premium digital video, providing access, for the first time, to video-level data. Before IRIS.TV, contextual and brand-safety data for videos was only available by analysing the text on a web page, and was an impossibility for CTV. Now, marketers can “think inside the video” with the transparency to confidently buy CTV and premium video inventory based on video-level contextual and brand-safety analysis and according to the specific topical nature of every video, in concert with KERV.

“Our contextual API leverages our patented core technology and will change the way we view and monetize video,” notes Marika Roque, COO of KERV Interactive. “KERV’s Vision technology is going to allow a level of creativity within contextual segmentation and targeting which has not previously existed.”

“We’re excited to welcome KERV to our data marketplace,” said Richie Hyden, co-founder and COO, IRIS.TV. “KERV is an industry leader in precise in-video contextual metadata with some exciting new products in development. Joining our platform means that KERV customers can now unlock these capabilities across video and CTV inventory. This is a huge win for brands and our publishing and ad-platform partners.”

IRIS.TV unites thousands of potential integrations into a single ecosystem bringing together publishers, contextual data partners, ad servers, and SSPs into a marketplace that allows publishers’ video content to be analysed and categorised into industry-accepted brand-safe and brand-suitable segments that can be purchased by marketers through any DSP via direct, private marketplace, and open auction buying.


IRIS.TV’s mission is to connect and unify video data to power better consumer experiences and business outcomes. IRIS.TV’s video data platform is a neutral, privacy-first, cookieless solution that provides publishers, broadcasters, and Connected...
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