Total Media Solutions Launches sTag to Streamline Publisher Revenue Management

Total Media Solutions, an advertising technology solutions provider that helps publishers globally manage their revenue and create value-added experiences for users, announces the launch of sTag, which allows publishers to implement their revenue management strategy from a single tag.

Traditionally any given web page is made up of anywhere from five to over twenty tags that relate to monetisation, fraud verification, speed testing, and more which presents a challenge for publishers that want to make changes while ensuring all these tags continue to work well together. Total Media Solutions’ sTag is media agnostic so enables anything revenue-centric to work from a single tag, whether that is multiple video solutions , header bidding, trust and safety vendors, display or other ad units.

sTag will allow publishers to test different revenue configurations easily and without having to change the code on web pages. This centralised system gives publishers high levels of agility and flexibility. Additionally, publishers will have easy access to all data analytics and reporting on one platform to streamline all revenue-related code, which in turn means they can minimise the amount of internal development resources being taken up.

Ben Erdos, chief services officer at Total Media Solutions said: “We are thrilled to have launched this powerful solution to support our publisher revenue management strategy. Unlike most other solutions available in the market that fall into the SaaS category, we’re using sTag as the operational core for all of our clients’ revenue-centric needs.”

Erdos continued “sTag reduces implementation complexity to its simplest elements so is a prime example of how we can make publisher revenue management as straightforward as possible. It will become an integral part of our strategy to activate and operate publisher revenue management, and the clients that have put sTag into practice already are finding they can now focus on what they do best, which is creating engaging editorial content for their audiences.”