DoubleVerify Continues CTV Verification Leadership, Earning MRC Accreditation for CTV Fully On-Screen, Video Filtering & Additional New Solutions


DoubleVerify ("DV"), (NYSE: DV), a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, today announced that the company has received Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for video filtering, benchmarks, and connected TV (CTV) fully on-screen and completion metrics.

“Earning MRC accreditations for industry-first solutions across CTV and video environments, where investments continue to surge, reinforces our mission to help make the digital ad ecosystem stronger, safer and more secure, by providing superior media quality and performance solutions to our global brand customers,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify. “These new accreditations help us give advertisers continued clarity and confidence in their digital investments.”

The newly accredited DV solutions include: 

  • CTV Fully-On Screen metrics: This capability measures whether all pixels were in view, if the TV screen was off and quartile completion, providing valuable insights where viewability technology is not yet supported. DV’s fully on-screen completion measurement offers unique components that address current viewability challenges for CTV advertisers.
  • Video Filtering: This innovative solution is part of DV Video Complete, which enables advertisers to holistically measure campaign quality and maximise brand protection across all video environments and devices, including CTV, mobile and desktop. Video filtering prevents ads from being served, even in environments where standard video blocking technology is not available. MRC accreditation demonstrates this DV reported metric is valid, reliable and effective.
  • Benchmarks: Accreditation for DV’s benchmarks indicates MRC approval of these cross-industry performance metrics that compare a brand’s performance with others in a specific vertical or across all measured traffic.

In addition to first-time accreditations, the MRC granted continued accreditation for display and digital video impressions, viewable impressions and IVT (invalid traffic) in desktop, mobile web, mobile application and CTV environments; and viewable impressions, as well as property-level ad verification metrics, within desktop, mobile web and mobile application environments.

The continuation of DV’s MRC accreditation, and first-time accreditations for the DoubleVerify metrics noted above, underscores that DV continues to innovate and introduce new products, while adhering to the highest standards within the industry.

“DoubleVerify’s participation in the MRC’s accreditation process since 2013 has demonstrated its capabilities in keeping pace with evolving industry trends, such as with this most recent expansion of its accredited metric offerings in the CTV environment,” said George W. Ivie, executive director and CEO of the MRC. “But most importantly, it has served to illustrate DV’s commitment to helping marketers better protect their digital ad spend, wherever those ads may appear.”

DV first received MRC accreditation in February 2013 for its impression quality suite of services and desktop display viewability. In 2015, it was accredited by the MRC for desktop video ad viewability and invalid traffic for desktop and mobile web. In 2017, DV received accreditation for its detection of invalid traffic within mobile apps. Last year, the company received MRC accreditation of impression measurement in CTV and also received accreditation for third-party integrated measurement on Facebook.

For more information about DoubleVerify, contact sales@DoubleVerify.com.


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