Audigent Releases the Retail Media Playbook

Audigent, the leading data activation, curation, and identity platform, has unveiled The Retail Media Playbook, a comprehensive guide on how nearly all retailers and advertisers can pursue a proven, scalable path forward to capture the massive opportunity in retail media and begin driving performance and sales through intelligent first-party data usage and media curation.

Featuring insights from brands like Gap, Mondelēz International, and GroupM, as well as technology platforms like MediaMath and Xandr, “The Retail Media Playbook” provides a detailed overview for retailers and advertisers eager to engage in the exciting retail market media movement that is forecast to hit USD $50bn (£41.5bn) by 2023.

“Many players have tried to explain how we arrived at the complex digital supply chain model the industry has in place today,” said Michael Lampert, director, global marketing data lead, at Mondelēz International. “Far more challenging than providing that explanation is constructing something better to take its place, and in a model that truly follows three core pillars: shifts in consumer consumption, a privacy-first mindset, and one that focuses on a true value exchange. This requires a fresh look at legacy technologies, building new connections and installing different standards that have first-party acquisition and activation at its foundation.”

The whitepaper provides an in-depth, brand-first perspective on:

  • The rise of retail media
  • The top ten forces driving retail media growth
  • The role of identity
  • Retail media and the case for curation 
  • The technology that powers curation 


“The retail media model has been a change agent for retail and, importantly, can be applied to create an opportunity for advertisers across all verticals,” said Greg Williams, president of Audigent. “Using their unique data, their media, the media of partners, and, of course, their relationship with their consumers, all brands can shape a more efficient, less opaque digital media supply chain that works for and benefits all stakeholders.”

The goal of the whitepaper is to go deeper into the core topics that are driving retail media that are often mentioned, but rarely fully explained. Included are insights gleaned from retail media industry experts who provide a view not only of the state of retail media, but the key information brands need to understand how to capitalise on the trends. For example, the chapter on How Brands Build from Identity to Audience, provides a step-by-step process that brands can follow to develop the required digital supply chain. 

“We are at an incredible pivot point in the industry where companies that are rich in first-party data have more opportunity than ever before to reach consumers in a privacy-centric way helping both the brand and the consumer to win,” said Drew Stein, CEO and founder of Audigent. “Retailers can safely action their first-party data at scale through the supply path, delivering robust addressability and closed-loop attribution while keeping identity more private than ever before. This opens new avenues for media agencies and brands to future-proof their media buying capability and drive ad performance while putting consumers first.”

Audigent sits at the centre of the retail media revolution, powering the technology behind some of the biggest retail media players in-market today. As the leading data activation, curation, and identity platform, Audigent is redefining how the ad industry packages and optimises consumer-safe data with premium inventory supply at scale.

To download The Retail Media Playbook, visit: https://retailmediaplaybook.audigent.com/whitepaper