SmartHub 2.0: Releases Upgraded Version to Bring Stable Daily & Monthly Profit Increase


SmartHub, a white-label solution designed to ease the creation of independent ad tech marketplaces for enterprises, released an upgraded platform version — SmartHub 2.0.  

In the most turbulent period for the ad tech ecosystem, marked by the damaged global economy, the independent ad tech sector is seeing the rise — the businesses take programmatic in-house or create solutions that would pose a competition to walled gardens. Businesses that hack their way into programmatic business with white-label solutions, additionally have a chance to eliminate excessive costs as prebuilt platforms require much fewer investments and time for deployment. 

By integrating specific partners and leveraging platform functionality wisely, white-label platform owners can quickly grow their marketplaces making them efficient and financially successful (as proved by SmartHub case studies). Understanding the weight of functionality as  the key factor in the overall platform performance, SmartHub developers took a mission to equip the system with the precise marketplace analytics, integrations, and robust traffic management mechanism in SmartHub 2.0 version. 

The main functionality improvements involved:

  • connecting banner publishers and advertisers through JS tags;
  • over 20 metrics and measurements to analyse system performance;
  • more support tools to enhance traffic flow and control dropped requests & responses;
  • traffic throttling mechanisms & profit optimisation tools based on impressions prices (RCPM);
  • unlimited filter list manager.


After this, the SmartHub team measured the results of partners who switched to the new system version (during the period from April to July) and obtained the following insights:

Key findings include:

The overall profit increase reached 102,65% and the average daily profit was 98,45%.

The overall profit:

  • Сompany A (100K QPS/month) saw a +307% profit increase from April to July;
  • Company B (100K QPS/month) increased profit by 75% from April to June;
  • Company C (50K QPS/month) has a profit growth of 215% from April to July;
  • Company D (30K QPS/month) increased its profit by 217% from April to July;
  • Company E (30K QPS/month) increased profits by 45% from April to June;
  • And Company G (10K QPS/month) increased its profit by as much as 5825% from April to June.


The average monthly profit:

  • 10k – 20k QPS: Average monthly profit increased by 275,32%. Average daily profit increased by 236,82%;
  • 20k – 30k QPS: Average monthly profit increased by 1%. Average daily profit increased by 1%;
  • 30k – 50k QPS: Average monthly profit increased by 29,61%. Average daily profit increased by 27,39%;
  • 50k – 100k QPS: Average monthly profit increased by 53,81%. Average daily profit increased by 50,39%;
  • 100k QPS and higher QPS: Average monthly profit increased by 238,68%. Average daily profit increased by 231,08%.


The upgraded SmartHub platform offers its partners additional valuable features that improve system efficiency and make results easier to understand — the platform is transparent and provides the owners with in-deep insights regarding trading dynamics, traffic quality, and other important details. Additionally, we’ve added more DSP and SSP integration options, so partners can benefit from a powerful media trading ecosystem that results in higher revenues and ROI. While SmartHub`s partners remained on their old QPS plans, they can grow more profits without investing more money into their marketplaces. 

The full report is available to download here.

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