EX.CO Partners with ID5 to Increase Privacy-Compliant Addressability for Advertisers

EX.CO, The Experience Company, the world’s leading self-serve video technology platform empowering publishers to own their video content and monetisation strategies, today (November 29th, 2022) announced a new partnership with ID5, the market-leading identity provider for digital advertising, to provide its advertising partners with a privacy-compliant solution for identity targeting while increasing the value of publisher video inventory across EX.CO’s platform. 

Since ID5’s technology was integrated, EX.CO has seen a 15% increase in overall cost-per-mille (CPM) across its network of demand partners.

ID5’s solution allows advertisers to reach users across all digital publishing environments without the use of third-party cookies, thereby increasing the addressability of video inventory and maximising revenue for publishers. ID5’s technology is fully compliant with all global privacy regulations and includes built-in data leakage prevention. By adding ID5 to its technology stack, EX.CO can help publishers maximise the value of their video ad inventory, drive bid requests higher, increase revenue, and future-proof their businesses for a digital world without cookies. 

“The addition of ID5’s cookieless identification technology to our tech stack enables our publisher partners to bring added value to media buyers,” said Tom Pachys, co-founder and CEO at EX.CO. “We are already seeing meaningful growth in CPMs across our platform and predict that these numbers will continue to grow as demand for privacy-first identity tracking increases.” 

EX.CO’s self-serve platform offers a one-stop shop for publishers to maximise business growth via a full video stack, video monetisation, data collection, ad serving, subscription growth, content generation, interactive experiences, and other solutions that are currently leveraged by hundreds of digital publishers around the world. The partnership with ID5 signifies EX.CO’s continued commitment to helping publishers grow not only today but also after third-party cookies permanently disappear from the digital ecosystem.

“Results such as these prove the value that the cookieless present has to offer and the role that universal identifiers, such as the ID5 ID, play in enabling publishers to access this value. Why wait for Chrome to pull the plug when you could be maximising your inventory today,” said Joanna Burton, chief strategy officer at ID5. "We are proud to partner with EX.CO as part of this transition to a cookieless world, so that they can continue to provide support for their publishers both today and tomorrow."