Cedara Launches Cedara Factors to Support & Create Custom Emissions Factors Specifically for the Ad Industry

Cedara, the carbon intelligence platform, announces today (January 20th, 2023) the release of Cedara Factors, which will play a critical role in helping media companies build emissions factors tailored to their industry and not supported by the major global emission databases today. 

Cedara Factors includes an automated emissions calculator that enables media companies and agencies to create bespoke emission factors to help align their sustainability & measurement strategy. Agencies can also deploy their own emissions calculators into Cedara’s Enterprise product to help standardise measurement across their vendor partners. 

Through Cedara Factors, businesses can also access a proprietary emissions database in order to leverage emission factors designed and built specifically for the media industry. Some of the emission factors supported include carbon measurement across ad platforms, publishers, user devices, employee commuting, and many more. Cedara plans to invest heavily in expanding its existing database while providing access to databases from leading government and scientific bodies.

“This is another game-changing release by the Cedara team and will be a valuable solution for our media partners,” says David Shaw, CEO of Cedara. “We hope that this product will make it not only seamless for agencies to build and host their emissions calculators, but also sync them across their supply chain for measurement purposes. Additionally, our sustainability team has been working hard to continuously expand our emissions library for existing and new clients to help them better understand their carbon footprint and take climate action.” 

Custom emissions factors are available to all Cedara subscribers. For more information on custom emissions factors, please visit cedara.io or e-mail contact@cedara.io


Cedara, the carbon intelligence platform, is on a mission to help businesses decarbonise and to build a more sustainable future for society. Through its comprehensive product suite, Cedara maps the carbon intensity across supply chains to empower inv...
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