fifty-five’s Record-Setting Growth in 2022 Sparks an Expansion of Services & Brand Refresh

fifty-five, a global martech consultancy that empowers brands to unite and fully optimise siloed data across all channels to drive business results, today (February 16th, 2023) unveiled record-setting growth for 2022 and an expanded suite of offerings to help companies drive data-driven privacy-centric solutions. This evolution comes with a new visual identity and website at www.fifty-five.com

Since its founding in 2010,  the company has grown rapidly to become a leader in marketing and technology consulting, advising over 400 active clients amid constantly evolving privacy regulations and compliance issues within the industry. The data company now operates in New York, Paris, London, Geneva, Milan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Taipei, and Singapore.

"fifty-five is paving the way for our clients as they look to adopt new advanced data-driven solutions to augment marketing strategies in today’s privacy-first environment,” said Hugo Loriot, partner at fifty-five US “fifty-five has been a pioneer in the use of data from the get-go, and we continue to view data holistically and anticipate trends that are shaping the digital ecosystem of tomorrow. It is this ability to innovate that sets us apart and allows our clients to excel in today's multi-channel and connected world. We are extremely proud of the progress we have made over the last 13 years, and our brand refresh reflects our modernised image, fit for our next era.” 

fifty-five’s expanded product offering will continue to help brands analyse their data holistically and revolves around the consultancy’s core business: data and AI. Divided into four blocks of services, fifty-five's expertise is built around:

  • Strategy consulting, including management of internal organisation and skills development for its clients 
  • Cloud services, with support for data engineering (infrastructure and DataOps), but also for data science projects (algorithms, development of customised AI systems, etc.) and data governance
  • Media consulting, including cookieless measurement strategies, marketing mix models, and incrementality testing 
  • Customer experience, including privacy-first strategies, conversion rate optimisation, and the implementation of customer data platforms (CDP)

In addition to its commitment to continued innovation in its core business offering, fifty-five is also continuing to produce new quantifiable data on the green impact of marketing campaigns to drive change within the industry. 

According to estimates from an open-source study published by fifty-five in 2022, a single digital campaign can generate more than 70 tons of CO2eq, the equivalent of the carbon footprint of about seven people for a year. Global warming due to human activity requires all businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. However, the reality of this situation faces a major obstacle: the lack of accurate and reliable data on the real carbon "cost" of goods and services. 

As part of its CO2 reduction commitment,  the consultancy also pledges to raise awareness and train all its employees on understanding energy and climate constraints and solutions regarding digital sobriety, eco-design, and digital accessibility.