JCDecaux UK Upgrades Two Iconic West London Towers to Provide Brands with Enhanced Sustainable DOOH Opportunities

As part of its commitment to cities through continued investment into its digital inventory nationwide, JCDecaux UK has upgraded The M4 Torch and The Marylebone Tower with brand-new state-of-the-art LED screens. Both screens are available to buy through direct and programmatic means. 

The iconic Towers have undergone a refresh - The M4 Torch now encompasses two 6.75m x 4.5m screens and The Marylebone Tower boasts a brand new 5.9m x 8.9m screen. All screens provide a 10mm pitch, delivering an image three times the quality of the replaced screens, whilst maintaining the same energy efficiency. The Marylebone Tower screen has also been fitted with a new front façade, freshly clad with transparent and recyclable plastic material.

Incorporating ambient light sensor technology, the brightness levels on all new screens adjust to changing lighting throughout the day offering best-in-class efficiency for both brightness and sharpness.

The architectural lighting has also been upgraded on both Towers - The M4 Torch has had 29 brand new monochromatic lights fitted to its roof showcasing the signature flame. This offers daily scheduling of intensity across the full-colour spectrum as well as the signature blue flame. The Marylebone Tower has had 15 intense and energy-efficient multi-coloured lamps installed, increasing its stand-out at night.

West London reaches highly affluent audiences commuting into the capital every day. Delivering 2.3 million weekly viewed impressions, The M4 Torch stands on the busiest stretch of road between the City and Heathrow Airport. Located on the M40/A40 Marylebone approach facing inbound traffic into London, The Marylebone Tower generates 1.4 million weekly viewed impressions.

These two virtually unmissable screens allow advertisers to reach audiences at scale either through direct buys from JCDecaux UK or programmatic guaranteed, or non-guaranteed deals from their DSP of choice. Programmatic buying enables brands of all sizes to leverage real-time data triggers to update creative or bidding strategies to maximise efficiency and effectiveness on these premium screens regardless of the length of the campaign.