Adelaide Metrics & Sharethrough Partner to Offer Attention-Based Curated Inventory

Sharethrough, one of the top global independent omnichannel ad exchanges, and Adelaide, a leader in attention-based media quality measurement, announced a partnership to offer attention-based curated inventory. 

This initiative further demonstrates Sharethrough’s focus on improving the attentive quality of all ads through research, enhancements, and technology integrations. Thanks to the partnership, Adelaide will be able to measure millions of impressions across Sharethrough’s inventory and generate an AU (attention unit) rating for each placement. Adelaide’s AU is a precise measure of a placement’s likelihood of driving attention and impact. The offering will be available to all Sharethrough customers through high-AU PMPs (private marketplace), enabling them to easily secure high-quality, attentive media. 

Attention is key for advertisers, but it has long been a challenge for the industry. In fact, according to data from Sharethrough, 76% of viewers do not pay active attention to ads. In teaming up with Adelaide, Sharethrough aims to provide even more value to the attention enhancing tools that the company currently offers.  

Through this curated inventory, advertisers get the best of both worlds. They will benefit from Sharethrough’s ad enhancement technology, which improves attention by supplementing ad creative with features such as dynamic captions for digital video or CTV enhancements, including dynamic QR codes, sports tickers, and countdowns. They will also benefit from targeting high-AU media. Adelaide’s AU is generated by a machine learning algorithm tuned to proxy outcomes from brand lift to sales. High-AU PMPs allow advertisers to secure inventory with a greater probability of capturing attention and driving results.

“Over the years, Sharethrough has built research-backed products built to improve attention and comprehension while respecting the user experience,” said JF Cote, CEO of Sharethrough. “Through this partnership with Adelaide, we’ll deliver an ad experience that is overall more enjoyable for the consumer, but also helps advertisers reach their attention goals.” 

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Sharethrough to curate high-attention marketplaces. By using Adelaide’s attention data, Sharethrough is empowering publishers to monetise their content more effectively and enabling advertisers to buy higher-quality placements with greater precision," said Marc Guldimann, CEO of Adelaide. "This is a significant step toward creating a more transparent and fair advertising ecosystem, where attention is the new currency.”

This partnership comes on the heels of the launch of Sharethrough’s CTV ad enhancements, designed to address the ongoing attention challenge by providing viewers with information they would otherwise get on their phones within the ad itself.  

Sharethrough is one of the largest global ad exchanges by scale with over 100 billion daily display, video and native impression requests, with integrations on mobile, desktop, and Connected TV.