Edinburgh Airport Launches Programmatic DOOH with JCDecaux UK

JCDecaux UK has added programmatic buying capabilities to the advertising locations at Edinburgh Airport. The offering connects advertisers and media buyers to advertising inventory via VIOOH, the leading premium global digital out-of-home supply-side platform.  First to market with this new programmatic ad inventory is StackAdapt, a self-serve programmatic advertising platform with their ‘Visit Isle of Man’ campaign.

Advertisers will be able to blend the flexibility and precision targeting of programmatic buying with the effectiveness of high-impact digital out-of-home (DOOH), across 43 portrait digital screens at Edinburgh Airport, Scotland’s busiest airport with 14.7m passengers a year and a leading business and leisure travel hub.

JCDecaux UK has introduced the new programmatic capabilities across all the portrait digital small-format screens at Edinburgh Airport. Programmatic buying enables advertisers a new way to reach the millions of people travelling through Edinburgh Airport using anonymised data to optimise campaigns in near-real time.

Isle of Man Programmatic Campaign, Edinburgh Airport

“This is an exciting new opportunity for us to welcome more brands to our passengers at Scotland’s busiest airport,” said Gail Taylor, Edinburgh Airport director of retail & property. “By using the media space, we have to make our digital screens even more engaging, it will offer something extra for our commercial partners as well as those people who are returning to Edinburgh Airport to travel, whether for business or reconnecting in person and exploring the world.”

JCDecaux UK’s chief partnerships officer, Helena Kavanagh said, “The introduction of programmatic advertising at Edinburgh Airport will give our clients even greater flexibility in their out-of-home campaigns in terms of targeting, measurement, optimisation, and near real-time playout triggered by data. At a time when travel has returned and the Airport continues to define luxury and prestige, this new opportunity will open up Edinburgh Airport’s media space to even more brand partners.”

“We’re thrilled to be announcing our programmatic DOOH offering at Edinburgh Airport in partnership with JCDecaux UK. The airport audience is desirable from a programmatic perspective due to the nature of buyers having an engaged and ready to spend traveller, captivated and with a high dwell time,” said Gavin Wilson, global chief customer & revenue officer at VIOOH. “Combining JCDecaux’s premium airport inventory with VIOOH’s programmatic capabilities enables more advertisers to create highly targeted, flexible, and measurable campaigns that easily incorporate DOOH alongside other channels - allowing more brands to engage with this sought-after audience.”

Ed Mullins, director of inventory partnerships in EMEA at StackAdapt commented,“With daily flights from Edinburgh Airport to the Isle of Man, the ability to access out-of-home audiences programmatically for the ‘Visit Isle of Man’ campaign adds an exciting new dimension and additional contextual environments to StackAdapt’s European advertising offering. Having the flexibility to reach people with the traveller mindset using digital out-of-home in airports will also drive further contextual capabilities across future campaigns."

With programmatic out-of-home, advertisers can integrate their own or third-party data triggers into campaigns and use unique passenger profiles and information about how passengers move around the airport. As part of the wider digital advertising ecosystem, programmatic out-of-home also facilitates omni-channel campaign planning and measurement.