Newsroom AI launches DSP for Creative Excellence

Newsroom AI, a pioneering creative enablement company, announces the launch of Public Supply, a demand side platform (DSP) dedicated to short-tail, high-impact ,and AI-assisted brand experiences, powered by Open AI's groundbreaking GPT-4.

The AI content creation functionality allows advertisers to build thousands of creative variants, by simply using web references or filling in unstructured briefing forms.

Once deployed, creatives work towards optimising themselves for the best copy, size, style or product mix, while matching the best variation with the unique signature of each impression, acquired via open exchange or private marketplaces. The company is introducing proprietary buying algorithms, enhanced by autonomously-deployed brand lift studies that transparently expand the platform’s datasets and prediction models.

“As the name suggests, Public Supply will feature extensive data and analytics functionality, enabling buying teams to more accurately predict performance outcomes for all media-plan entries. Creative and context are ultimately the key differentiators in an industry overflowing with data and impression opportunities” added Mihai Fanache, CEO at Newsroom AI.

The platform-agnostic marketplace premieres in partnership with some of the UK's leading media owners and features all of Newsroom AI’s creative formats that have gained widespread adoption with publishers in over 30 countries around the world. The formats include the company's flagship brand story format, conversational ads, shoppable ads, and interactive videos.

Defying the prevalence of social-display and content-free copycat formats that erode trust and degrade user experience, Public Supply is devoted to enabling high-value brand experiences that do not compromise on scale, performance, or creative excellence.

Currently operating under an invite-only model, the company seeks to engage top-tier media owners, who stand to gain significant advantages from the platform's distinctive commercial offerings and trading capabilities, while maintaining the highest privacy and data protection standards.