BMW & Media Experts Exceed Performance with Sharethrough’s Carbon-Neutral GreenPMPs™

Sharethrough, a leader in programmatic advertising, collaborated with Media Experts, to support the launch of BMW’s ‘Forces of Nature’ campaign leveraging GreenPMPs™, an industry-first solution to offer media with net-zero carbon emissions developed in partnership with Scope3

Through this partnership, Media Experts was able to reach a qualified audience with strong interest in sustainability, smart technology, and electric luxury vehicles. Running the campaign through Sharethrough’s GreenPMPs™ enabled BMW to both reduce and compensate for emissions generated through the delivery of their ads. To decrease carbon emissions, Sharethrough optimised towards sites with low emissions and only ran BMW ads on sites with direct supply paths, which reduces emissions caused by any intermediaries. Through their partnership with Scope3, Sharethrough then measured and compensated for the carbon emissions of all impressions.

As a result, the campaign generated an 82% video completion rate, which overachieved BMW’s performance goals by 26% and compensated carbon emissions equivalent to fully charging 89,000 smartphones or 162,000 grocery plastic bags, demonstrating the strong performance of sustainable advertising campaigns run through the use of GreenPMPs™.

GreenPMPs™ are a part of Sharethrough’s initiative to decarbonise digital advertising with Green Media Products and align with BMW’s mission to make sustainability a part of their core strategy. A branded content series, Forces of Nature campaign, features the new BMW iX xDrive50 EV, exploring stories of innovators who are contributing to make the world a better place through sustainable technology. 

“Sharethrough is continuously working towards building a sustainable ad tech ecosystem and developing products like GreenPMPs™ that help reduce the carbon footprint of digital advertising,” said JF Cote, CEO of Sharethrough. “This campaign demonstrates that generating high performance sustainably is now possible. We are grateful for the opportunity to work on this wonderful campaign and for BMW and Media Experts to trust us with their vision.”

“Success of our campaigns have been traditionally gauged on the relevance of the target audience and identified performance metrics like delivery, CPA, VCR (video completion rate), engagements etc. However, increasingly now, brands are also leaning towards delivering campaigns sustainably. We at Media Experts strive to achieve and exceed campaign performance, aligned with the brand’s overall strategy and positioning. With Sharethrough’s GreenPMPs™ one doesn’t have to choose between performance and sustainability, it helped us achieve both” added Jennifer Douglass, vice-president, digital, head of audience & analytics at Media Experts.

Sharing thoughts on the campaign, Ryan Chu, national manager, brand communications at BMW Canada, said, “We are on a mission to reinvent the business to include sustainability at every step, making it a part of our core strategy. It was imperative for this campaign to further reinforce that commitment. Each episode of the ‘Forces of Nature’ series is centered around sustainability and showcases a trailblazer who has created a unique innovation or a new way of doing business that is environmentally friendly. Leveraging Sharethrough’s GreenPMPs™ helped compensate for carbon emissions from this campaign, aligning with our overall goal and messaging.”

Since the launch of GreenPMPs™, more than 7000 brands have taken the first step in becoming more sustainable by delivering carbon-neutral campaigns. Sharethrough has enabled those brands to measure, reduce, and compensate for more than 332.8 tons of CO2 which is the equivalent to driving 45 times the circumference of the Earth in an average gas-powered car or heating 1,445 US households for 1 month - all while improving the performance of the campaigns.

Track the overall progress of GreenPMPs™ at greenpmp.io.