Teads Enhances Campaign Performance with First to Market Attention Measurement Integration in Teads Ad Manager


Teads, the global media platform, has announced the release of attention metrics in Teads Ad Manager (TAM), its dynamic programmatic buying platform. This integration makes Teads the first platform to embed Lumen’s attention measurement natively and gives clients the ability to measure attention similarly to how they measure viewability.

This integration marks one year since the launch of Teads Attention Program, an incubator for innovation, which fuelled hundreds of tests with Lumen and other partners in the program. The addition of attention metrics to Teads Ad Manager gives advertisers a one-touch system for measuring and optimising attention, simplifying an otherwise complex process. 

Mike Follett, managing director, Lumen Research said: “With the release of attention metrics, Teads has consolidated its position as the easiest, and most widely used system of its kind globally. Now self-serve clients using Teads Ad Manager can measure attention in their campaigns with one click, gaining unprecedented insights into performance by leveraging Lumen's cutting-edge attention models.”

By clicking on the 'attention' button within TAM, campaigns are automatically tagged with the Lumen tag, giving advertisers valuable insights on the amount of attention received by their ads, and empowering them to identify the drivers of attention, optimise their campaigns and drive impactful results. These metrics also offer simplicity and sustainability, as they are inherently cookieless and provide a scalable solution for measuring ad effectiveness. Since the launch of our offering, there has been a significant adoption among TAM clients, with Lumen attention measurement being utilised by 20% of their activities on TAM.

Bharat Khatri, chief digital officer, OMD APAC said: “While many brands are just starting to focus on attention, OMG has been prioritising it all along. Our existing industry planning system treats all impressions equally, regardless of whether they come from video streaming platform or social media feeds. However, their costs can vary significantly, and their subjective value is often determined by planners' perceptions and experiences. By incorporating Teads attention metrics, all our advertisers are now able to access the native reporting of attention metrics within Teads Ad Manager, powered by Lumen’s research. This allows us to optimise our advertisers' assets by placing them in high attention areas & drive higher ROI and better consumer experiences.”

With 1,236 active agencies and 3,349 active advertisers in 74 markets, Teads has established itself as the leading global end-to-end platform with the largest database of attention insights in the world. Currently, billions of impressions are reported and tagged, all supported by the unmatched scale and user-friendly features offered by Teads Ad Manager. This has translated directly into business results, such as a recent campaign in which a brand achieved remarkable success by strategically leveraging high-attention media across all channels, resulting in a remarkable 42% stronger lift compared to Teads' in-store visitation benchmarks, highlighting the impact of Teads’ vast collection of attention insights. Teads is continuing to raise the bar on executional excellence for clients and partners, by continuing to explore new ways to make campaigns more actionable driving business results.

Caroline Hugonenc, senior vice president, Research & Insights, Teads said: "By utilising the largest database of cases combining attention and outcomes on live campaigns, Teads has built an experience that allows clients to easily link attention to outcomes. The integration with Lumen is unparalleled - the deepest and easiest to use - and has produced the largest dataset of its kind in the world. We are proud of the monumental milestones we have achieved, with 103 advertisers onboarded and over 200 campaigns run since the launch of TAM, but this is only the beginning."


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