Se7en Partners with Appswim Studio to Expand it's Owned & Operated Portfolio

Se7en announced the signing of a joint venture agreement with App Swim. With this partnership, Se7en aims to expand its mobile gaming portfolio and strengthen its owned and operated portfolio of apps. 

As part of the agreement, Se7en has acquired Subway Idle, a popular mobile game with over 10m downloads and a rating of 4.6 stars from 23k reviews and 4.2 stars from 83.6k reviews in the USA AppStore and Google Play, respectively. Subway Idle turns the player into a railroad tycoon, in which they upgrade and maintain a subway map for a growing city, connecting stations and getting trains running. In over 220 levels, players can upgrade their metro system to new locations worldwide as new stations open. This acquisition joins Se7en's existing apps, including CarRoad and Tik Tac Toe 2 in their diverse portfolio.

Kike Rodríguez, Se7en’s managing director: “Our team is thrilled to have partnered with App Swim and to have acquired Subway Idle as part of our expanding mobile gaming portfolio. The game's fun and engaging mission, which has already amassed millions of players, aligns with our passion for utilising emerging technologies to integrate creative vision with our technical expertise and project management tools to deliver the top user experience. This acquisition strengthens and expands our owned and operated activities and our app portfolio, providing players and agencies with an even more diverse range of mobile games. Additionally, in combination with our advanced AI-based programmatic technologies, this offering facilitates a faster, direct, lower-cost connection between buyers and sellers, relying on first-party data, which provides a huge benefit for smaller and big agencies who may not be able to achieve the same advantages alone.” 

App Swim quote: “We are excited to be partnering with Se7en, a leading mobile gaming company with a proven track record of delivering high-quality games and engaging user experiences. We believe Se7en’s expertise in automation and ad tech will help us grow Subway Idle to new heights and reach more players worldwide. We look forward to working together to create more fun and innovative games for our loyal fans and new audiences.”


Se7en Studio is a cutting-edge mobile gaming company that was established in 2021. We are passionate about creating immersive and engaging gaming experiences that captivate players from diverse backgrounds....
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