NumberEight Introduces New Demographic Targeting at Scale Using AI Intelligence

NumberEight, a leading identity platform for AI-based behavioural intelligence, is proud to announce the release of its demographic-targeting product. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology and untapped mobile data, NumberEight has reimagined user identity management, enabling precise prediction of users' behavioural data. 

With the addition of the new demographic prediction capabilities, advertisers can now accurately target users by their age and gender without relying on any identifiers or personally identifiable information (PII).

NumberEight's new demographic targeting product, Euclid Lite, utilises state-of-the-art AI algorithms to predict a user’s age and gender and represents a significant advancement in user identity management, enabling advertisers to deliver highly targeted campaigns while preserving user privacy. This breakthrough opens up new opportunities for personalised marketing strategies, especially mobile gaming, a media form that was previously largely unaddressed.

NumberEight’s CEO and co-founder, Abhishek Sen, shared “We are immensely proud and excited to introduce Euclid-Lite, our latest ad targeting product for ID-less demographic targeting at scale. Moving away from traditional identifier-based targeting opens the door to a wealth of possibilities, including behavioural cohorts and moments. With partners like Adverty, AdInmo, and AdTonos on board, this is an exciting time for the advertising world as it opens the door to a new era of innovative and responsible advertising that benefits both advertisers and users alike - and we’re just getting started!”

The product incorporates a wide range of data inputs, including demographic information priors contained within ad requests, content information, app features, census data, device information, and natural language processing techniques to enhance the accuracy of the predictions. By combining multiple data sources in a modular manner, the models generate valuable insights into user demographics, empowering marketers with effective strategies for targeted campaigns. Rigorous testing has been conducted to ensure the model's accuracy and performance on a validation set, thus providing confidence in its reliability.

The first partners taking advantage of this new offering include in-game advertising providers Adverty, as was previously announced; and AdInMo, as well as  AdTonos, a digital audio advertising company. Kristan Rivers, co-founder and CEO of AdInMo said: "Understanding players is fundamental to our InGamePlay platform. By combining multiple data sources, we enable advertisers to reach relevant audiences. We've previously collaborated with the NumberEight team to collect contextual device signals and are delighted to extend the partnership to include their new demographic targeting product.”


NumberEight is a pioneering behavioural intelligence company that has reimagined identity by transforming seemingly senseless data from sensors, ad requests, and content information into meaningful insights. Their innovative approach empowers publish...
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