illumin Integrates with Broadsign to Enhance Journey Advertising Platform with Digital Out-of-Home

Digital ad tech company illumin (formerly AcuityAds) and leading digital out-of-home (DOOH) ad tech developer Broadsign announced today (August 3rd, 2023) that they have teamed up to integrate the Broadsign supply-side-platform (SSP) with illumin’s journey advertising platform.

The collaboration makes the platform a true one-stop shop for cross-channel marketing by bringing premium global DOOH inventory to illumin for the first time, just as more advertisers are doubling down on a full-funnel approach. The brands and agencies in more than 15 countries who leverage illumin can now opt to seamlessly run ads across retail, roadside, and other DOOH formats available on the Broadsign SSP alongside all of their TV, CTV, and other digital ads. The combined technologies make it easier for illumin users to target audiences at every phase of the funnel, from brand awareness to brand consideration and loyalty. 

“DOOH has grown to become a critical part of journey marketing, so as we continue to look to the future, expanding our platform to include this important facet of programmatic advertising is crucial. The ability to plan, optimise, and measure in one place is unique to illumin, and when it comes to adding DOOH to our platform, we want to partner with the best, making Broadsign an obvious choice,” said Andrey Feldman, vice president of products at illumin. “Our work together will enhance the illumin platform by providing marketers access to a massive pool of premium DOOH inventory in one easy-to-use, connected canvas. It's a testament to our continued commitment to help redefine the industry’s cross-channel journey.”

“Exceeding marketer objectives requires a broad but focused approach, making cross-channel advertising with DOOH a smart strategy. We’re excited to team up with illumin to bring this unique channel and all it has to offer to its media buyer base,” shared John Dolan, VP, global head of media sales & service, Broadsign. “With access to premium roadside, retail, EV charger, transit, and other OOH inventory in highly trafficked areas from the Broadsign SSP, it will be easier for illumin users to connect with target audiences and reach them as they move about their day.” 


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