Empowering Change: How Viously helped Danone & Partners Champion Social Responsibility in Advertising

As the advertising business landscape continues to evolve, companies are becoming more aware of the crucial role played by responsible communication in their advertising strategies. Acknowledging the potential to make a positive impact, Danone, in collaboration with EssenceMediacom France, embarked on a remarkable video campaign with the support of Viously and Ad For Good®. This partnership allowed Danone to reinforce its commitment to corporate social responsibility while simultaneously supporting a worthy cause.

Viously and Ad For Good partnership: Viously is teaming up with Ad For Good®, a pioneering platform dedicated to responsible advertising, to help advertisers make a tangible difference in society. By joining forces, Viously and Ad For Good® are offering advertisers a unique opportunity to align their campaigns with social causes close to their hearts. 

Ad For Good® allows advertisers, like Danone, to take their responsibility commitments to the next level. Advertisers are empowered to select an association they wish to support financially through the dissemination of their campaigns. This solidarity-based approach provides a win-win situation, where businesses can elevate their advertising efforts while contributing to social betterment. 

Danone responsible campaign: Danone, known for its dedication to sustainability and social responsibility, embraced this opportunity to create an impactful video campaign. Collaborating with their agency, Mediacom, Danone chose Viously and Ad For Good® to help them communicate their brand's message in a socially conscious manner. 

A noteworthy portion of Danone's campaign media budget was allocated to the organisation "Sport Dans la Ville". This association focuses on uplifting disadvantaged youth residing in underprivileged neighbourhoods by leveraging sports as a medium to teach vital life skills and promote equal opportunities. Through "Sport Dans la Ville," youngsters are provided with opportunities to develop personally and professionally, opening doors to a brighter future.

The collaboration between Danone, Viously, Ad For Good®, and "Sport Dans la Ville" resulted in a positive ripple effect on multiple fronts. 

Firstly, Danone's commitment to responsible communication set a commendable example for other businesses to follow, inspiring a collective effort toward building a better world. 

Secondly, "Sport Dans la Ville" benefited from the financial support generated through Danone's video campaign. 

On top of that, Viously played a crucial role in enhancing the campaign's performance. With 79% View Through Rate (VTR) and 87% viewability, Viously demonstrated that responsible advertising practices can go hand in hand with remarkable campaign performance. This achievement showcased the potential for businesses like Danone to create a positive impact on society while achieving their marketing objectives successfully. 

In conclusion, the successful execution of the video campaign demonstrated the effectiveness of incorporating responsible advertising practices. It showcased the potential for businesses to contribute meaningfully to society while achieving their marketing objectives simultaneously.


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