The Stack: Disney+ to Expand Ad-Supported Streaming Tier; Amazon to Launch SSP

This week: Disney to take ad-supported streaming abroad, Amazon prepares to launch an SSP... Google repays ad agencies following "billing discrepancies"...

The summer may be coming to a stormy close, but this week marked new beginning for some major players in the tech sphere. Disney, for example, announced plans to roll out an ad-supported streaming tier to customers in the UK, Canada, and parts of Europe. E-commerce heavyweight Amazon, meanwhile, is preparing to launch a new supply-side platform and is actively recruiting for a "PubTech team" to bring the new offering to fruition.

Staying with e-commerce, Sea has said it will boost investments in its core e-commerce business, Shopee. The tech giant conceded this could result in some losses, despite Shopee seeing some growth in Q2 2023. For Google, however, this was certainly a week of concessions, as the tech giant began repaying advertising agencies following a scathing report by Adalytics.

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