• The Stack: Disney+ to Expand Ad-Supported Streaming Tier; Amazon to Launch SSP

    This week: Disney to take ad-supported streaming abroad, Amazon prepares to launch an SSP... Google repays ad agencies following "billing discrepancies"... The summer may be coming to a stormy close, but this week marked new beginning for some major players in [...]

  • Meta Reports Ad Revenue Growth; Netflix Restructures Ad Partnership with Microsoft

    In today's ExchangeWire news digest: Meta doubles down on metaverse spend as ad business shows recovery; Netflix reworks its ad partnership with Microsoft against sluggish sales; and THG buys freesheet City A.M. Meta sees ad business rebound Social media giant Meta has [...]

  • Netflix Pulls Plug on Cheapest Ad-Free Plan; Meta Snubs News on Instagram, Threads

    In today's ExchangeWire news digest: Netflix pulls its "Basic" plan from several markets; Meta shuns news content on its social platforms; and Alibaba pours millions into Lazada. Netflix cans “Basic” plan Netflix’s cheapest ad-free subscription is no longer available in the UK, [...]

  • Netflix Adjusts Ad Strategy to Win Advertisers; Meta to Launch Twitter Rival, Threads

    In today's ExchangeWire news digest: Netflix reassesses its advertising strategy to win over advertisers; Meta prepares to launch a new app, Threads, to challenge Twitter; and Shopify launches Collabs Network. Netflix seek to woo advertisers with new ad approach Netflix is revamping [...]

  • The Big Picture: Measurement in CTV

    CTV is booming: consumption is at an all-time high and over the course of recent years, consumers have increasingly embraced connected TV over traditional linear TV. Despite damning headlines of consumers abandoning their subscriptions to cut costs within a gloomy [...]

  • Is CTV a Playground for Contextual Ads?

    With the deprecation of third-party cookies on the horizon, contextual advertising is experiencing something of a resurgence, allowing advertisers to target consumers effectively without compromising privacy regulations. While its versatility means contextual can be applied to a number of environments, [...]

  • Life in the FAST Lane: Can SVOD Compete?

    Free, ad-supported TV (FAST) is experiencing something of a resurgence: be it down to households cutting back against rising living costs or growing audience frustration at the number of streaming services, ad-supported linear television channels have been quietly growing in [...]

  • What the Streaming Wars Mean for Advertisers

    The popularity of streaming services, coupled with CTV’s capabilities to collect detailed data on their users, make them an exciting landscape for advertisers to reach a vast audience with well-targeted and highly relevant ads. By 2020, the global number of [...]

  • Audio: Predictions for 2023

    Audio has experienced rampant growth in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. Global ad spend on traditional radio advertising is set to hit a market volume of USD$28.1bn (~£22.8bn) by the end of the year. As total [...]

  • Meta Sued over Ethiopia Hate Posts; Binance Boss Unalarmed by Mass Withdrawals

    In today's ExchangeWire digest: Ethiopian researchers and a Kenyan rights organisation have accused Meta of allowing inflammatory content to flourish on their platforms; the head of Binance remains calm after investors pulled more than USD $1bn from the company in [...]