• Life in the FAST Lane: Can SVOD Compete?

    Free, ad-supported TV (FAST) is experiencing something of a resurgence: be it down to households cutting back against rising living costs or growing audience frustration at the number of streaming services, ad-supported linear television channels have been quietly growing in [...]

  • What the Streaming Wars Mean for Advertisers

    The popularity of streaming services, coupled with CTV’s capabilities to collect detailed data on their users, make them an exciting landscape for advertisers to reach a vast audience with well-targeted and highly relevant ads. By 2020, the global number of [...]

  • Audio: Predictions for 2023

    Audio has experienced rampant growth in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. Global ad spend on traditional radio advertising is set to hit a market volume of USD$28.1bn (~£22.8bn) by the end of the year. As total [...]

  • Meta Sued over Ethiopia Hate Posts; Binance Boss Unalarmed by Mass Withdrawals

    In today's ExchangeWire digest: Ethiopian researchers and a Kenyan rights organisation have accused Meta of allowing inflammatory content to flourish on their platforms; the head of Binance remains calm after investors pulled more than USD $1bn from the company in [...]

  • Will Audio Kill the Video Star?

    In a tumultuous year for tech, audio has boomed across markets and demographics. The global music streaming market is predicted to rise to USD$27.24bn (~£22.6bn) before the year is out, while 34% of the world’s population listens to at least [...]

  • "Audio has become too big for advertisers to ignore": Q&A with Tom Coare, OMD

    Despite being around 100 years old, audio advertising is proving itself more relevant than ever. In the US, investments in audio advertising are surging, with podcast ad spending predicted to surpass USD$2bn (~£1.68bn) in 2023. Meanwhile, the UK reports 74% [...]

  • "The Opportunities are Endless": The Present and Potential of Audio

    From podcasting to playlists, audio streaming has witnessed exponential growth in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. Global streaming subscribers are expected to hit 1.3 billion by 2030, creating a significant opportunity for advertisers to reach a [...]

  • Spotify Revenue Soars as Monthly Users Surpass 400 Million; Apple Raises Prices on Streaming Services

    In today's ExchangeWire news digest: Spotify reports better-than-expected growth in users and revenue; Apple hikes up the prices of Apple Music and Apple TV+; and Singapore-based Mighty Jaxx announces its first project in the metaverse.   Spotify hints at price rises as [...]

  • US Reworks Digital Privacy Rules for Europeans; Shein Drops up to One Third in Value

    In today's ExchangeWire news digest: the US rewrites its digital privacy rules to retain data on European citizens; Chinese fast-fashion giant Shein sees its value drop by up to one third; and Netflix forges new partnerships for measurement on its [...]

  • The Stack: FTC Sues Data Broker Selling Sensitive Data; Netflix Poaches Snap Execs for Ad Business

    This week: America's FTC sues a data broker selling sensitive geolocation data, Netflix taps former Snap execs to lead its ad-supported business... Privacy has been central to ad tech this week: in the US, the Federal Trade Commission has taken legal [...]