Adlook Unveils Revolutionary Deep Learning & Precision Targeting with Adsquare

Adlook, a next-generation brand growth platform powered by Deep Learning, and Adsquare, global location intelligence platform, are proud to announce their partnership. The collaboration provides advertisers with a comprehensive solution that guarantees performance and enhances brand growth. 

Adlook's advanced Deep Learning technology merges seamlessly with Adsquare's expertise in location-based targeting, setting a new industry benchmark in precise targeting and privacy-first solutions.

This synergistic union amplifies the power of cookieless, ID-free, and privacy-compliant targeting. By integrating Adlook's industry-leading Deep Learning technology, brands gain access to a proprietary algorithm that self-optimises in real-time, tailoring to each campaign's unique KPIs. Such performance is now supercharged with Adsquare's ID-free audience targeting solution. The solution offers unparalleled sophistication in geo-contextual audience profiles, enhancing campaigns' effectiveness, and ensuring messages are delivered with maximum relevance, thus driving greater engagement.

"Location intelligence is more than a buzzword; it's a revolution in creating meaningful brand-consumer connections," comments Luca Filardo, global head of solutions management at Adlook. "Adding Adsquare to our future proof and privacy safe targeting capabilities was the natural step towards allowing us to serve any sort of campaigns across any audiences. Proximity applied to sophisticated Deep Learning and DCO capabilities will bring enormous value to marketers who want to leverage the full power of programmatic advertising. We are thrilled to partner with Adsquare and add an additional and valuable solution for our marketers.”

The collaboration also answers the call for privacy-first targeting, given the industry's shifting landscape. Adlook prioritizes the consumer experience, ensuring brand interactions are not just impactful but also respectful of personal boundaries.

Tom Laband, CEO & co-founder at Adsquare, comments, “We take pride in expanding our data offering to encompass a broader spectrum of DSP partners, addressing the surging demand for privacy-conscious targeting solutions. Our Adsquare datasets help to reach specific groups of people based on their location, making your ads more relevant and allowing them to send personalised content to people's devices. Proximity targeting by Adsquare is designed to respect privacy regulations by not using cookies or mobile IDs. This means you can effectively reach your target audience while keeping their privacy protected.”

In an era where relevance is key, this partnership provides advertisers with an unprecedented level of precise, impactful engagement without ever compromising on consumer privacy or the quality of their engagement.


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