Smile Wanted Confirms its CSR Approach & Launches its "SW ECO" Offer

Smile Wanted stands out as the only independent curated marketplace in Europe with 5,000 premium domains and 10 billion ad calls per day.

Faced with the ecological transition, advertising and big data technologies need to adapt to new environmental restrictions while ensuring the relevance and effectiveness of their offerings.

Smile Wanted is making progress in this area by establishing its carbon footprint, a key component of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) positioning, and by appointing Marie Nivelet as head of communication and sustainability.

The Smile Wanted teams have focused their strategy in this direction, by committing to the distribution of "greener" campaigns that emit less carbon, with the launch of "SW ECO", a comprehensive offering based on 4 areas of optimisation. 

  • ECO direct buying is a proprietary distribution solution integrated directly with publishers, based on an SPO algorithm that minimises the carbon footprint.

"We believe that the programmatic ecosystem will never be as relevant as direct buying. This is due to the multitude of intermediaries in the distribution chain, and therefore the excessive consumption of energy resources," Gary Abitan, co-founder of Smile Wanted.

  • ECO size consists of reducing the weight of formats without losing the quality of the creative.
  • ECO targeting completes our SW Filter technology (contextual, attention, KPIs predictive) by targeting the most eco-responsible locations thanks to the analysis of different types of connections, devices and energy consumption in real-time.
  • ECO contribution allows you to participate in the collective effort by financing projects with an environmental and planetary vocation, to contribute to the global reduction of CO2 emissions.

Like the other major issues currently facing the advertising sector (cookieless, SPO, contextual advertising and AI), Smile Wanted is continuing its efforts to reconcile advertising performance with minimising carbon impact.