Amplified Intelligence Partners with Chalice Custom Algorithms for Attention-Led Bidding Trials

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Amplified Intelligence, the most trusted source for accurate attention measurement, has partnered with Chalice Custom Algorithms – a leading AI application backed by TD7, The TradeDesk’s investment arm – to bring together real human attention data and smart bidding technology. The partnership helps media buyers boost ROI and cut wastage by instantly directing ad spend to high-engagement placements.

The union comes after proof-of-concept trials successfully demonstrated clear viability and potential for insight-driven bidding to improve performance. Covering the US and Australia, the tests leveraged Amplified Intelligence’s vast human attention dataset to fuel a custom bidding algorithm created by Chalice Custom Algorithms, with in-flight campaign use enabled by Australia-based agency Audience Group and North America based agency, 2045.

Results captured by research firm Lucid show a 70% increase in ad recall for attention-optimised buys — alongside a 14-point spike in brand lift vs the standard non attention line item.

As a further validation, Amplified and Chalice ran an additional campaign for a leading automotive brand using an AI self-learning optimisation algorithm where real-time engagement data verified by Amplified Intelligence’s attention measurement tag, attentionPROVE® was fed into live bidding, also delivered impressive outcomes – increasing active attention by ad impression by 16% in just three days.

“These proof of concepts with Chalice Custom Algorithms demonstrates how our market leading omni-channel gaze tracking data can be used in-flight to drive up programmatic and CTV ad engagement” comments Karen Nelson-Field, founder and CEO of Amplified Intelligence. “We are motivated by a strong commitment to power global adoption of attention-led advertising, and with Chalice’s algorithm showing how simple it is to instantly optimise spend towards attentive impressions, we’re demonstrating how easy it is for agencies and advertisers to increase ROI and minimise wasted impressions which play out to zero eyeball.”

Adam Heimlich, CEO of Chalice Custom Algorithms adds; “Amplified Intelligence has become a standout figure in the attention-measurement arena for its steadfast dedication to rigorous analysis, consistency, and transparency. Combining these shared values with our own long-running specialist knowledge in algorithm building creates a powerful blend. We look forward to setting brands, advertisers, and agencies on the road to increased engagement and return on ad spend with bidding that revolves around real attention data”.

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