Nano Interactive Partners with PubMatic to Deliver ID-Free Targeting

Nano Interactive, a leader in ID-free ad targeting solutions, has announced a new partnership with PubMatic, an independent technology company delivering digital advertising’s supply chain of the future. This new partnership provides greater choice for buyers, as Nano’s AI intent-driven contextual targeting solutions are made available directly to PubMatic clients for the first time. 

Data from Nano is now available to media buyers via PubMatic’s Connect platform, which brings advertisers closer to their customers with efficient, ROI-driven data targeting on the sell side.  The targeting options available to buyers include Intent Library, Intent Personas, and custom segments and are available across more than 100 languages and all major geographies. 

Intent Personas is a new approach to demographic targeting. Instead of cookies or other IDs, the product uses intent and contextual signals to scale demographic targeting. To ensure these groupings are accurate, they are then cross-verified by a panel of real people belonging to those groups. Internal research suggests Nano’s ID-free demographic segments are significantly more accurate than the current cookie-based targeting model1.  

Intent Library is home to more than 1,000 readily available segments covering Verticals, Topics, Events, World Holidays, and Personas. Created without the use of cookies or any form of ID, these dynamic segments update continuously, ensuring both scale and accuracy. Because these segments are created through data modelling and vector analysis not simply keywords, they can be used across more than 100 languages and multiple scripts, amounting to a unique solution that can be easily deployed across multiple markets.  

“PubMatic provides advertising solutions that deliver results. This partnership with Nano Interactive enhances the addressable audiences, incremental reach and performance we offer buyers, especially now with the impending deadline for cookie deprecation set by Google,” said Mark Williams, senior director, audience solutions, EMEA at PubMatic. “The shift to sell-side targeting is delivering superior addressability and performance for both publishers and advertisers in a privacy-centric manner”. 

Matthew Beck, VP partnerships at Nano Interactive comments: “We’re excited to have partnered with PubMatic, as a leading independent sell-side platform, not least because of its premium global inventory and highly scaled agency integrations. Advertisers now have an improved method of activating those audiences, without the use of IDs, and without compromising on performance.” 

Earlier this year, Nano surveyed 150 agencies and brands to understand their response to cookie deprecation and the switch from opt-out to opt-in consent. The report, Agency and Brand Tactics in the Age of Signal Loss discovered an 8% shift from audience to contextual targeting-driven spend year-on-year, from 2022 to 2023 among the largest advertisers. In terms of measurement, nearly two-thirds of advertisers had a positive view of attention metrics, though a third also said that they still lacked the tools to use them.  

Finally, while AI is already having a huge impact on the advertising industry, the report also revealed where buyers believe its impact will be most felt in future - targeting coming top of the list with 52%, followed by campaign optimisation and streamlining operations. Advertisers also see AI as significantly impacting contextual advertising, as it potentially fills the gap left by signal loss. Almost two-thirds of respondents thought that AI has significant potential to improve contextual advertising. 

Nano Interactive

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