Equativ Integrates NinaData’s Generative AI Audiences to Enhance Consumer Buying Intent Prediction

Finnish buying intent data platform, NinaData, has announced its integration with Equativ, the leading independent ad tech platform. NinaData's advanced contextual targeting and buying intent capabilities are now available in Equativ’s Buyer Connect (EBC) digital ad curation platform – enabling media buyers to more effectively target their desired audience segments with relevant ads, at scale, without the use of cookies or first-party data. 

NinaData has developed the world's first predictive buying intent platform for digital and programmatic advertisers, utilising the latest generative AI technologies to drive in-the-moment online results for brands. Instead of text or image solutions using ChatGPT, NinaData’s LLM delivers buying intent predictions and shows advertisers exactly where these audiences can be reached.

The integration with Equativ’s Buyer Connect platform – which provides buyers with a suite of tools, including real-time media planning, to efficiently operate their private marketplace transactions – means NinaData’s generative AI-powered buying intent capabilities are more accessible to advertisers seeking privacy-centric addressability solutions. This helps brands reach consumers at the exact moment they are making a buying decision in a completely privacy-first environment. 

"We're thrilled to partner with Equativ and bring our contextual LLM targeting capabilities to the company’s platform – by leveraging our buying intent targeting alongside Equativ's Buyer Connect platform, advertisers can automate and streamline the ad buying process at scale, saving time and resources," said Valtteri Pukander, CEO of NinaData. “Equativ is highlighting its commitment to privacy-first solutions by integrating our contextual advertising platform that doesn’t require any first-party data or user consent to provide buying intent insights.”

“By bringing together a portfolio of partners that offer industry-leading data solutions, such as NinaData, our Equativ Buyer Connect offers media buyers seamless access to a multitude of targeting options designed to meet the needs of today’s privacy-centric marketers,” said Matthew O’Reilly, senior director, platform partnerships at Equativ. “Together, we are delivering high-performing contextual ads that drive results for advertisers and publishers while protecting consumer privacy,” he continues.


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