Hivestack Launches Hivestack Curate, a New Industry Platform for Curated Deals in  DOOH

Hivestack, the world’s leading, independent programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) ad tech company have announced the launch of Hivestack Curate, a new DOOH marketplace that enables buyers to customise their inventory sourcing and build strategic, curated deals based on their specific business goals. 

Hivestack Curate provides a unique opportunity that puts buyers in the driver's seat to create  tailored, transparent, customised deals. It also enables them to have full control over their  inventory sourcing to build and purchase strategic, goal-oriented supply into a single, unified  deal ID. Curators will be able to build premium inventory deals from over 390 media owners  integrated with Hivestack’s global DOOH marketplace across 35+ markets. Furthermore,  Hivestack Curate’s sophisticated solution allows DOOH data providers to integrate powerful first  and third-party data, driving greater levels of audience reach and engagement for their curated deals. 

With this new platform, Hivestack is offering efficiency without sacrificing quality or scale allowing buyers to intentionally select specific, highly curated inventory for their campaigns according to business needs, all within a single, unified deal ID. In addition, buyers will be able to leverage high quality first or third-party data at scale, to create custom data sets delivering unique audience targeting and measurement features only available within the Hivestack platform.  

Andreas Soupliotis, CEO & founder of Hivestack, commented: “Hivestack Curate provides  DOOH buyers with enhanced tools to operate and navigate the fragmented and complex programmatic landscape, enabling them to have more control and autonomy to strategically curate their supply inventory in a transparent and centralised platform. This new marketplace will offer buyers unparalleled supply-side decisioning power that can be managed across teams and platforms across the globe.” 

Kevin McDonald, CEO at AgencyX Inc. added: "It has always been a priority across all of our  clients to drive efficiencies and deliver the most impactful business outcomes for our partners.  Hivestack Curate provides us with enhanced abilities to streamline inventory selection in a more  strategic and customised way and is a welcome addition to the programmatic DOOH buying  process. We are now in a position to prioritise deal curation unlocking incremental value from  DOOH deals and giving our clients improved visibility over their supply strategy." 

With Hivestack Curate, Hivestack demonstrates its continued commitment to improve efficiencies and drive additional value for both buyers and media owners, across the DOOH landscape. With simple, easy-to-use navigation coupled with a premium curated marketplace of global inventory and audience data, DOOH buyers have a new opportunity to gain greater control and visibility over their campaigns, from planning through to activation and measurement.