Adelaide Leads Groundbreaking Attention Measurement Study in Amazon Ads DSP

Adelaide, the leader in attention-based media quality measurement, has released a groundbreaking study with consumer health company Haleon and its media agency, Publicis, demonstrating the positive effects of high-attention placements on full-funnel business outcomes. 

This project will be presented at Adelaide’s upcoming ‘The Attention Ecosystem Summit’ in London, and the campaign, which spanned multiple ad formats and brand KPIs, marked the first time Adelaide’s tagless attention measurement solution has been deployed across Amazon DSP inventory. 

Over the past 18 months, Haleon and Publicis have rigorously tested the impact of attention metrics across various vendors with the goal of maximising media efficiency and effectiveness. Investigating a campaign for a Haleon respiratory brand leveraging Amazon’s DSP stands as a highlight in Haleon’s attention journey, revealing the remarkable potential of high-quality media in driving substantial increases in sales conversions, return on ad spend (ROAS), and several brand lift metrics. 

Haleon and Publicis leveraged Adelaide’s AU, an omnichannel metric that measures any media placement’s probability of attention and outcomes, to evaluate media quality across Amazon DSP inventory spanning, display, online video (OLV), and streaming/Connected TV (CTV). A third-party brand lift study validated the impact of high-AU media on upper-funnel outcomes, while sales and conversion data available within Amazon DSP validated its impact on lower-funnel outcomes. 

The study's findings underscore the effectiveness of high-quality ad placements, as measured by AU, in achieving better advertising outcomes. According to Lucid/Cint, high-AU CTV media drove a 37% lift in favourability, 19% higher ad recall, and 9% higher purchase intent compared to placements with lower AU ratings. ROAS more than doubled with higher levels of AU. Additionally, high-AU display media converted 34% more frequently than low-AU media, all while maintaining a 25% lower cost per conversion.

The detailed page view rate also saw a notable increase of 27% for high-AU media compared to low-AU media.

This groundbreaking study marks the first time attention metrics have been used to measure media quality across Amazon DSP inventory.

Phil Jackson, global digital marketing effectiveness innovation director at Haleon, said, “Haleon’s media strategy is all about ‘doing the right thing’, with the ultimate goal of striking the balance between the preservation of existing efficiency and prioritisation of effectiveness measures that will drive business growth. A key part of that strategy is making conscious investment decisions to promote our brands in high-quality media environments at scale, with attention metrics being a valuable enabler of that. Amazon are a trusted media partner, and we’re thrilled to be able to partner with them, Adelaide and Publicis, to deliver this study, which provides further evidence to our marketing community that investing in higher-quality media placements is the right thing to do to drive incremental business outcomes.”

Adelaide, Haleon, Amazon, and Publicis are proud to share these findings, highlighting the importance of quality and attention in digital advertising and setting new standards for the industry.


Adelaide is a leader in the rapidly growing field of evidence-based media quality measurement. Adelaide’s attention-based metric, AU, helps advertisers make better media investment decisions. AU is an omnichannel metric that evaluates thousands of ...
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