IMPACT+ & PYURE's Partnership Helps German Advertisers Cut the Environmental Impact of Digital Campaigns

Advertisers across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland can now track and reduce the environmental impact of their online campaigns through a new partnership between PYURE and leading sustaintech platform IMPACT+. 

IMPACT+’s suite of industry-leading solutions is used by global brands and agencies – including L’Oréal, Heineken, Nestlé, and BMW – to minimise the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by their digital ads. The new deal allows PYURE to exclusively market the sustaintech platform’s tools to local advertisers and their agencies across the DACH region. 

Online ads contribute significantly to global emissions. The digital industry recently overtook the aviation industry as one of the main contributors to global emissions – and is now close to passing the automotive sector.  

A sizeable proportion of these emissions come from the energy needed to power digital advertising, with an average ad campaign emitting around the same amount of CO2e as one person flying from Berlin to Los Angeles (source: IMPACT+)

Solutions available to marketers across the DACH region through the new partnership include IMPACT+’s Environmental Sustainability Platform (ESP), which enables brands and agencies at any stage of their emission reduction journey to monitor digital advertising campaigns across social and programmatic channels.  

The platform also identifies meaningful steps online advertisers can take to minimise their emissions without affecting the overall performance of their digital campaigns. 

Vincent Villaret, CEO and co-founder of IMPACT+, said: “We’re delighted to partner with PYURE, who share our passion for a more sustainable ad ecosystem and our desire to drive meaningful change across the industry. Digital advertising may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about climate change, but here at IMPACT+ we’ve seen how much impact it can have on global emissions. 

“Through this exciting new partnership, we’re giving local brands and agencies across the DACH region the tools they need to tackle digital advertising’s oversized carbon footprint. Germany is the second largest ad market in Europe, and with tighter regulations affecting how all companies across the EU report on their environmental, social & governance (ESG) commitments on the horizon, it’s crucial we do all we can to help advertisers in the region reduce global emissions and meet their sustainability goals.”   

PYURE's mission is to help marketers take control of the impact their digital ads have on the environment. Using IMPACT+’s ESP solution, PYURE enables marketers to reduce emissions without sacrificing brand performance by activating the right levers at both campaign and platform level.  

Francois Roloff, co-founder and CEO at PYURE, said: “This partnership marks a turning point for the digital advertising industry in the DACH region. Together, we stand on the brink of a more sustainable future, where reducing greenhouse gas emissions is not just a goal but a requirement for all our digital advertising efforts. We believe it’s time to launch the data-driven decarbonisation of the second largest digital advertising market in Europe by 2030.” 

Eric Urdahl, COO and co-founder at PYURE, added: “At PYURE, we’re proud to partner with IMPACT+ to pave the way for environmentally-conscious brands and agencies. Our commitment to this cause reflects our deep belief that technological innovation and ecological sustainability must go hand in hand to effect real change in our industry and beyond.”  

IMPACT+ is a global pioneer in helping marketers evaluate and reduce the carbon footprint of their digital campaigns. Founded in 2020 in Paris, the company is on a mission to make digital advertising better, enabling all participants in the digital advertising ecosystem understand and reduce the environmental impact of their media spend. 

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More details of the partnership will be revealed at the digital marketing conference d3con in Hamburg this Wednesday (March 13). 


IMPACT+ is the first technological solution enabling digital advertising players to measure and reduce environmental impact without losing performance....
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